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Places I want to go in Japan

Updated on March 21, 2016



Even though Japan is a really small country, there are a lot of different places that tourists can go to. There are so many interesting places that I want to go to in Japan, so its too hard to narrow it down. There are so many cool places in Japan, it doesnt matter where you go because it will be fun.

For two years, I lived in Sendai which is north of Tokyo. Before I went to Japan, I thought that they were a lot of young people and the technology was really advanced. When I got to Japan, I realized that both of those things are not true. Sendai is in the countryside, so there are a lot of old people and its not very technologically advanced. Due to the fact that Sendai has a lot of old people and it is in the countryside, there are some really cool old Japanese buildings and temples.

I lived in Sendai for 2 years, so I have seen a lot of old temples and "old Japan." I want to go see the Japan that I thought I was going to see. The technologically advanced Japan that is full of young people. After asking around, it sounds like this image of Japan is Tokyo. There are a lot of young people and the technology is great. The next time I go to Japan, I am definitely going to Tokyo.


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