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Places to go in Peru for the summer

Updated on April 8, 2013
The flag of Peru
The flag of Peru

Some top places to go in Peru

  1. The first place that is most recommended to go in Peru is the city of Arequipa- this city is well known for it's antique feel in all of the southern parts of Peru the city of Arequipa is located under Altiplano which is the picture part of the Andes mountains in perspective the city of Arequipa has a lot of places where travelers can go and explore.
  2. Cuzco- is another city in Peru that is next to the south part of the state near the Urubamba valley it also used to be in the capital of the Inca Empire nowadays Cuzco is one of the must see places to go in Peru one of the reasons is because it is a place where it shows the architecture and the art that the Incas created. Do not miss the chance to observe the Inca emperor and the temple that was of the Inca god and another temple from the son named Qorikancha which is also one of the well cared sanctuaries from the Incas.
  3. Machu Pichu- This is as I call it one of the most magical natured places to go if you want to know more in detail about the Inca culture one thing to know about Machu Pichu is that it is said to have been for the Inca ruler Pachacuti. Moreover this city was first started in the early 15th century but was left when the spanish conquistadors came. It wasn't seen till the 20th century because of this many people reffer this city as "the lost city of the Incas".
  4. Lake Titicaca- This lake is in between the two countries of Peru and Bolivia. It is nearly on 39 meters in height one of the biggest lakes in South America it is considered to be one of the most beautiful attractions to see if you are in the continent. This lake is said to be one of the sacred lakes that exist in that region of the Incas as well as it has been told in their own mythology that one of their prior gods named Viracocha has risen from it in order to originate the stars, the sun, and the moon.
  5. The Nazca Lines- The nazca lines have a appearance of a pattern of geoglyphs located in the Nazca dessert in Peru these lines are believed to be from the 5th to 7th century. When the Nazca civilization was in its last era the lines as you can see are well marked into the earth showing the many different animals such as spiders, sharks, and lizards. Until now there is no certain conclusion about these Nazca lines but it also gives off some certain mistery to the place some people actually relate the lines to religion in some form while others with astronomical cycles.
  6. Colca valley- This valley which is located in southern Peru it is somewhat pictured as a picturesque type of valley place that visitors can come and see it can somewhat have the power to charm the people in its many intriguing ways plus the beauty of the landscape and it's variety of spices and lots of ancient temples with the construction is what tourists and the people from Peru like the most for one part.
  7. Iquitos and Amazon River- As you might notice your adventure in Peru wont be finished yet if you do not visit the amazing waters of the Amazon river it is also advised for you to visit the city of Iquitos in those two destinations is where you can fully experience the whole of the wildlife that Peru has to offer among them are the rain-forests, species of flora and fauna which are species that you can not find anywhere else. Some of the must see attractions that are a must go to place are the Belen village, Iron house which continue to hold the spirit and traditions of Peru you can also have the chance to feel the excitement of boating in one of the largest river's in the world and you may never forget the unknown findings of the amazon river in many ways as possible.
  8. Lima- which is the capital of Peru is in the heart of the city of Peru is referred to the Plaza de armas which is a beautiful square containing a bronze fountain from the 17th century and the government palace it is a fantastic building that is made out of Baroque style. If you have the time make sure to attend Lima between September and November since those are the months where there are a lot of events going on at those times.


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