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Places to stay in Veracruz México

Updated on October 25, 2012

Veracruz is one of the most beautiful locations in Mexico. Its beaches and warm climate attract travelers and visitors from all over the world. These travelers can walk and rest easy because there are a number of great hostels in Veracruz which they can rest in before another busy day touring Veracruz. The hostels have a very Mexican feel to them, and they are the best place for individuals who would really like an authentic experience of Veracruz.

One of the most famous hostels in Veracruz is the Hostel Zion. This reformed building is quite beautiful and the atmosphere is hearty and welcoming. This hostel is located quite close to the beach and the bus station, meaning that the traveler will have easy access to fun, relaxation and transportation. It is a great place to relax and it is near the beach where aquatic sports lovers can have a great time during the day. The floors are functional and well-lit and quite spacious as well. There are a number of facilities in this hostel, including WI-FI, sheets and towels, service guards, air conditioning, TV, swimming pool during certain times of the year and private lockers.

The price of accommodation at this hostel is quite affordable, and this is why it is a favorite among students in the area. The fact that there is no curfew also makes this hostel one of the best in the city. Groups are also welcome as there is accommodation to cater for all of them.

El Café-Tal Apan hostel is also very famous, mainly because of its excellent prices. It is in a very central location that is well communicated due to its proximity to a bus station, shopping center, hospital, restaurants and banks. There are many things surrounding this hostel, and the visitor will definitely have a peaceful time in this hostel. There is a bar within the hostel as well as a Lounge area and free internet. Guests will get linen and towels throughout their stay. The rooms are spacious and very clean and the beds are very comfortable. There is always food in the kitchen, and tourists will even get information on the best tours in the area. This will help them a lot when planning their trip around Veracruz.

The Transformadores y Componentes Hostel is in Veracruz and it is a great hostel for environmental researchers, students, as well as the public. Guests will be able to enjoy internet, a bar and a lounge area. Linens and towels are provided for the traveler throughout their stay. The hostel has a total of forty two beds, and the prices are very accommodative.

There are other hostels around Xalapa in Veracruz, including Hostel de la Niebla which has one of the friendliest prices. The building is very beautiful and it is also clean and comfortable. There is car parking for guests as well as a fully equipped kitchen, a TV room and a dining room.

Hostel in Veracruz provide anything that the traveler would want, and they are very hospitable. This is what makes them popular, especially among people who would like to really experience Veracruz at a reasonable price.


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