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Places to visit in Linkoping Sweden

Updated on August 26, 2010

Things to see in Linkoping

Linkoping is the fifth largest town in Sweden and there are many things for you to see and do while you are in Linkoping. I went there for a three week stay for some office work and had a great time traveling around and seeing and doing things. Although its the fifth largest city in Sweden its relatively small and you can travel around whole of Linkoping using a bike. I happen to go there just as the winter was about to start so it was very beautiful to see leaves changing colors etc especially since I'm from Sri Lanka where there are no seasons, Its just Sun all day long. Summer is the best time to be in Linkoping for sure but that doesn't mean you cant have fun during the winter season. Although cold can hamper your plans since Linkoping is situated to the South of Sweden it doesn't get very cold like in the northern parts of Sweden so with a some proper clothing sight seeing is not a problem and there are plenty of bars around if you feel like warming yourself a bit.

The clock tower of Linkoping Cathedral
The clock tower of Linkoping Cathedral

Linkoping Cathedral

Linkoping Cathedral is one building you can miss seeing when you are in Linkoping. Its tall towers are visible to almost all parts of Linkoping and I sometimes used it to find my way around Linkoping as well. Since I stayed in Linkoping Vandrerham which is near the cathedral all I have to do was walk towards the cathedral if I ever got lost. The cathedral has a rich history and the tall imposing structures can easily fill you with awe. You can even get guided tours so you can learn all about the rich history of the cathedral. Pictures and more details about Linkoping Cathedral can be found in the link. There is something for everyone to see inside the Linkoping cathedral and its easily accessible via the bus station and the railway station so you have no reason to miss it.

Old bank at the main entrance of Gamla Linkoping
Old bank at the main entrance of Gamla Linkoping

Travel Guides about Sweden

Gamla Linkoping

Gamla Linkoping is a model town where you can get an idea how a Swedish town looked 100 years ago. It is also a great place to see some Amazing craftsmanship an old things that are almost extinct. When you enter Gamla Linkoping the first thing you encounters is old bank. It has display of old notes and coins used in Sweden , very old calculators and one of the worlds first few phones. Don't forget to take the guides freely available there which will help you go through the town in an orderly way.

Another great place to visit while in Gamle Linkoping is the woodcrafts shop. Coming from Moratuwa in Sri Lanka I have seeing some beautiful woodcrafts and ones available here were just as good as them. There were some beautiful artwork on display and if you are looking to buy some souvenirs then this shop has a whole collection of beautiful woodcrafts. Don't forget to look at the images to see some great woodcrafts.

There is also a lamp shop where you can see the latest lamp designs and the oldest ones. It also had an amazing collection of lamps for you check out and you can spend hours there just admiring them. If you are feeling hungry there's a Cloetta shop in Gamla Linkoping where you can try out Swedish chocolates. In the top floor of that building you can see how chocolate was made in the old days and there is a model of how a chocolate factory worked. Please visit my hub about Gamla Linkoping to learn more and to see some photographs.

Roaming horses in Icelandic horse farm in Linkoping
Roaming horses in Icelandic horse farm in Linkoping

Icelandic Horse Farm

This is a place which I found on my way to the work and it was a totally new experience for me. Although there are plenty of farms in Sri Lanka farms of this large scale are very rare. Although I have seeing horses I have never gotten very close to them and have never ever seeing so many horses in one place. And then there is the pleasant experience of seeing sheep for the first time which I have never seeing in Sri Lanka. It is a huge farm and since I went there in a bicycle it was worthwhile cycling around. There are children's playground and lots of open spaces and looks like an ideal place to go on a picnic.

Swedish Air Force Museum
Swedish Air Force Museum

Swedish Air Force Museum

Locally known as Flygvapenmuseum , Swedish Air force museum is one of the must visit places if you are into flying or just interested in History. Old planes which dates back to WW1 are displayed here and there are many other things like historical facts about events etc. If you are lucky you might be able to catch an air show that are held once in a while , I was not that lucky but there is an Air force base near the museum so you can at least see some kind of flying. It is not close to Linkoping as many other sites but worth a visit

Linkoping Castle and Museum

Although called a castle it really didn't look that old and it was not as I imagined a castle would be. I thought it would have towers and walls etc but it really looks a like a plain looking building. What is more exiting though is the museum where you can get a good idea of the history of Linkoping.

On a boat in Kinda canal
On a boat in Kinda canal

Canal rides - Gota canal and the Kinda canal

There are two canals near Linkoping , Gota canal and the Kinda canal and the last one runs through the city itself. Canal rides are very popular among tourists and Linkoping has the highest number of locks in a municipality. Unfortunately I was there during the winter and I couldn't go on a canal ride. I did went to see some locks though and it was very impressive. The locks are one of the main attractions especially during the summer and if you feel like going for a walk or a bicycle ride the paths besides the canals are highly recommended.

Statue in the town square
Statue in the town square

Much more to do if you are interested

There are many other things you can do while you are in Linkoping , you can visit the town square in the middle of the city where there are plenty of shops and during weekend you might be able to see a band performing or something similar. You can visit the shopping area in Torbe which is by far one of the largest shopping complexes I have ever seeing. It is so large there are directions on how to travel through it. There is the Cloetta chocolate factory near by which you can visit to see how chocolate are made and it is a good place to buy chocolates very cheaply as well. Then there is the Ostrogoth museum which has some beautiful painting and lots of things related to Linkoping history. Simply put if you can find the time there are plenty of things to see and do in Linkoping.


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