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Best of holiday destinations: Malta

Updated on September 2, 2014

Malta, or officially the Republic of Malta, is an island country comprising an archipelago of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Known with its amazing nature, you can nearly see the sea in Malta wherever you look, as it's not too wide. The country covers over than 316km2, and has the smallest capital in the European Union: Valletta (0.8km2). The official languages there are Maltese and English so you will surely find someone to ask in the streets of Malta if you are in trouble.


The climate in Malta is generally good. The winter there is almost mild and the summer is warm, but sometimes hot. The summer climate is perfect for swimming and enjoying the beautiful sun, so what are you waiting for? :)


First thing to know about transport, is that traffic in Malta drives in the left! But it doesn't matter anyway because you're not obliged to drive there, buses are everywhere! And after one or two days, you will be surely able to use them easily.


Valletta is the capital of Malta, its name comes from "Jean Parisot de Valette", who succeeded in defending the island from an Ottoman invasion in 1565. It was described as “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world” by UNESCO’s World Heritage website. There are surely many places to visit in such a beautiful capital,but here are ones of the best:

-St. John's Co-Cathedral:

It was built by the Knights of Malta between 1573 and 1578.The church is considered to be one of the finest examples of high Baroque architecture in Europe and one of the world's great cathedrals.

-The National War Museum:

It's located in Fort St. Elmo. Its collection on display mainly focuses on World War I and World War II.

-Strait Street:

Strait Street maybe the street with the most history in Valletta because of the 'colourful scenes' until it's recent past up to 30 years ago. It was the place were duels took place in the days of the knights and bar fights during the British rule when members from the various services used to pick up fights against each other. The street was full of bars with live music and girls for hire.


Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It's the second-largest island in the archipelago after the island of Malta itself. There plenty places to visit in Gozo so I will just put some here:

-Church of St. John The Baptist:

This is a church from where you can see the whole island of Gozo from the top, so it's really worth it!

-Xerri's Grotto:

Xerri’s grotto is an underground site in Xaghra, Gozo. This cave was discovered in 1923, underneath a house, while the owners were digging for a well. The excavations were carried out during the Second World War, when the caves were used as a shelter from air-raids.


Sliema is a major tourism spot on the northeastern coast of the beautiful island of Malta. Visitors here will find an abundance of relaxing holiday activities available, as well as restaurants and shopping. In recent years the town has experienced significant growth, with modern villas and apartments abounding as well as one of Malta’s best hotels.


Mellieha is in the northwestern part of Malta. It's a popular tourist destination during the summer months.

-The Parish Church of Mellieha:

The Parish Church of Mellieha is dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady, and was built between 1881 and 1898. All the stone was cut from a nearby quarry at l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha and transported up to Mellieha by the local peasants, who worked laboriously to see their wish of having a new church come true.

-St Agatha's Tower (The Red Tower):

Saint Agatha's Tower is a Lascaris tower built in 1649, it's also known as the Red Tower due to the color it is painted.


Mdina is referred to as the medieval jewel of Malta. The name Mdina itself means that it is a walled city (in arabic). The city has an Arab feeling with an atmosphere of Tiboli, but just smaller in size. The population in Mdina is only around 300 people. Once you are into Mdina, you cannon't even speak because you'll find yourself in the most calm place you've ever been in!


Bugibba is a small town in Malta.With numerous hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and a casino, it is a popular resort among tourists.

Blue Grotto

Blue grotto is a number of sea caverns on the south coast of Malta. It's a popular destination for tourists on the island of Malta with boat trips to visit the caves. Every day from sunrise until about 1 pm a unique sight can be observed here, the location of the cave combined with the sunlight lead to the water mirroring showing numerous shades of blue.

Popeye village

Popeye Village Malta has grown from its days as a Film Set of the 1980 Musical Production 'Popeye' into one of the major tourist attractions on the Maltese Islands filled with a number of colorful fun activities for all young and young at heart.


Unfortunately, shopping in Malta is not really a good plan because clothes are very expensive. But you can always buy small and original souvenirs.

Finally, just walk!

Everything is beautiful in Malta, so even if you just walk without any destination in your head, you'll surely find something to do or to see ;)

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