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Mizoram, a beautiful tourist destination in India

Updated on October 8, 2013

Mizoram the land of the hill people in north east India

Mizoram is the 23 rd state of the Indian Republic and is one of the seven states in the north eastern parts of India also known as the seven sister states. The state is bordered by the states of Tripura, Assam, Manipur and with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Burma.

The state has a mild climate without any harsh winters that is temperatures never going below 7 degrees and going above 30 degrees. The state is influenced by the south west monsoon rom the May to September sees very heavy rain.

Mizoram is a place of hills and valleys, and rivers and lakes. There are about 21differenthill ranges and peaks ranging from 1000 meters above sea level up to 2210meters of the Phawngpui Tilang also known as Blue Mountain

Aizawl, the capital city

Aizawl is the secons largest city of the state. The city has lovely surroundings . The city has been ideally constructed to meet the tourist influxbe it domestic or international. The city is about 112years old and is set on the ridges of the Durtlang Hills and has been used as a military outpost in the days of the British

Aizawl lies in the southern part of the state and so it is a bit remote. The city is linked Air India daily from Kolkata and Guwahati. Imphal is also connected by by air to Aizawl. Aizawl is located at about 1132 meters above the sea level. On the north it is flanked by the peaks of Durtlang hills and is set on the steep hills over looking the calm and beautiful valley of River Tlawng in the west and Tuirial river on the south west.

Berawtlang Tourist Complex in Aizawl

Berawtlang Tourist Complex is located at the east of the town on the peak of lush green hills, at about 7 kilometers from Aizawl. This is the place to know more about the culture . They conduct ceremonial functions and fairs for the tourists and visitors to learn more about Mizoram and its culture. The touring complex is a well known picnic spot too. Facilities like cottage accommodations and restaurants / canteens are made available during the peak season.

The Berawtlang Tourist Complex is easily accessible for the tourists and visitors. You can make use of rented taxis and buses plying at regular times to reach the place from Aizawl.

The Phawngpui Mountain Ranges in Mizoram

Phawngpui, the highest and the most revered peak, is located in the chhimtuipui district of the state of Mizoram at an altitude of 2165 meters above sea level

The Phawngpui mountain peak is placed near the Myanmar border of the state Mizoram in India. The mountains are supposed to be the abode of Gods and so are revered by the Mizos. The peak is well known for the Orchids, Rhododendrons as well as other spectacular and colourful trees. Flowers of various other species present a fairy ale view of the blue hued hills and the vales of these ranges.

Once you are up in the hills you can have a enchanting view of the state of mizoram. Thalazung Khamm is a semi circular cliff, a beautiful, located on the western side has a very sharp and deep fall It is believed to be haunted by the spirits. There is a plain terrain on the peak for about an area of 200 hectares, circled by bamboos and other interesting and attractive vegetation. You will also come across various varieties of rare and beautiful butterflies in this region.

Phawngpui National Park

Phawngpui National Park along with Murlen National Park makes two national Parks in the state of Mizoram.

The Phawngpui National Park having an area of 50 square kilometers,is located in the Lawngtlai District dt near Myanmar border of the Mizoram state. The area of the National Park abounds with flora and fauna. The park encloses the Phawngpui peak standing at 2165 meters above the sea level and the reserve forest surrounding it.

The Phawgpui mountain area overlooks the river Chhimtuipui which flows towards Myanmar / Burma. You can see that the edges of the mountain are very steep and there is particularly one semi circular cliff on the western side known as Thlazuan Khamm, which is blunt with a steep and deep fall. Sangau settlement is the closest / nearest one in the area.

The region is known for various species of birds like Large-billed Crow, Blyth's Tragopan, stump-tailed macaque, Purple Cochoa, Mountain Bamboo Partridge, Dark-rumped Swift, Mrs. Hume's Pheasant , Oriental Pied Hornbill, Striped Laughingthrush, Grey Sibia, Black Eagle, falcon, sunbirds and many more.

Various types of Fauna like Tigers, Sambar Deer, Serow, Barking Deer, Leopards, Asiatic black bear, slow loris, tigers, goral, mountain goat, leopard Cats and capped langur etc

Trekking is the main activity. You can see and use the many trails going aroundin the region. The Government allows eco friendly visits only during the dry season that is from November to April of every year. The rest of the time is kept as the rejuvenation period.

The National Park Is well connected by road to Aizawl and you can find regular plying buses and taxis . Aizawl is well connected by National Highway with other parts of India.

Lunglie, the city of Flora and Fauna

Lunglei is the second largest city, located in the south central part of the state of Mizoram Lunglei is situated at about 175 kilometers away from Aizawl the capital city of Mizoram. The city is also spelt as Lungleh which means a bridge of stone. There is a rock in the riverine area around Nghasih which is a small tributary of the river Tlawng, The rock is shaped like a bridge and itis believed that the city got its name from that.

The city Lunglei is placed at a higher level of altitude than Aizawl which is about 1222 meters above sea level. This is one of the highly populated towns in the hills of Mizoram.

Lunglei, the second largest city of Mizoram is neither connected by Air nor by Train. Lengpui Airport is the nearest and Silchar is the nearest Railway station.
Lunglei is connected by National Highway 54 and that too only Via Serchhip and Thenzawl. Cab and Bus Services are available throughout day and night to visit Aizawl.

There are two routes to reach Lunglei from Aizawl one is through Serchhip and the other is through Sialsuk.The route via Sialsuk is the nearest at about 175 kilometers and the other via Serchhip is about 235 kilometers.

How to reach Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram?

Mizoram is linked with the rest of the country by Air, Rail and Road Transport and is easily accessible from all parts of India.

By Air
Lengpui Airport is the nearest airport and is located at about an hours drive from the capital city, Aizawl and is well connected by Air to Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal
Enquiries at Lengpui Airport :
Air India : 0389-2573355,
Jet Airways :0389-2573277,
Kingfisher : 0389- 2573369

By Train
The nearest railway station is Silchar in the state of Assam. The station is about 6 hours drive from the capital city Aizawl.

By Road
National Highway - 54 connects Aizawl with the rest of India and runs through Silchar.
Buses and taxis are available from Silchar to Aizawl through out the day and night. The trip takes about 6-8 hours according to your mode orf transport.
Aizawl is also accessible by road from Shillong and Guwahati.

Distances from various cities in the neighbourhood to Aizawl

Guwahati - 506 km
Imphal - 374 km
Kohima - 479 km
Shillong - 450 km
Agartala - 443 km

Accommodation Facilities offered by Mizoram tourism

1. Tourist Lodge Chaltlang - 2346589 (O) / 2341083/2349421/2346422(F)
2.Tourist Home Luangmual - 9612160177/2332263
3. Tourist Complex Berawtlang - 9436155187/2352067
4.Highway Restaurant Thingdawl - 9862719019/03837-268526
5.Tourist Lodge Kolasib - 9436145916/03837-220067
6.Tourist Lodge Vairengte - 9612660112/03837-261606
7.Tourist Lodge Champhai - 9436143518/03831-235866
8.Tourist Lodge Lunglei - 9436157014/0372-2342013
9.Tourist Lodge Saiha - 9436149031/03835-222591
10.Tourist Lodge Bairabi - 9436780421/9862733398
11.Tourist Lodge Saitual - 9862775342/2562395
12.Tourist Lodge Sangau - 8014354604/0372-2553110
13. Highway Restaurant Hnahthial - 9436147957/9862804139
14. Tourist Lodge Lawngtlai - 9436148665/03835-233239
15.Tourist Lodge Thenzawl - 9612065527/03838-261489
16. Tourist Resort Lengpui - 9862202975/9336155467/2573391
17.Highway Restaurant Chhiahtlang - 9436379544/03838-225059
18.Tourist Lodge Mamit - 9436192771/2565600
29.Tourist Resort Reiek - 9436144947/2567344
20.Tourist Lodge Khawbung - 9863292441/9436786548/9612133483
21. Tourist Lodge Ngopa - 03830-261220
22. Tourist Lodge Pangzawl - 9862742423
23. Tourist Lodge Tlabung - 9436760290/03834-222352
24. Tourist Resort Hmuifang - 9436360574/9862842494
25. Tourist Lodge Kanhmun - 8014004751/9612945064
26.Tourist Lodge Saichho- 0372-2566155/9402187388
27. Tourist Lodge Sakawrdai - 9436144335/8974419960
28.Tourist Lodge Zokhawthar - 9402321100/03831-291292/9402327592
29. Tourist Lodge N.Maubawk - 9863436320/9612216753
30. Tourist Lodge Saipum - 9856652428/9774514927
31. Picnic Spot Sairang - 9436784010
32. Tourist Lodge Darzo - 9436779317
33. Tourist Lodge Hrangchalkawn - 9612328158/9615311814
34. Tourist Lodge Chawngte - 9612656708/9612356708/9863701861
35. Highway Restaurant Tawipui ā€˜Sā€™ - 9862344162
36. Tourist Lodge W.Phaileng - 8014948700
37. Tourist Lodge Lungdar- 9863474468/9863524359
38. Viewing Gallery Tlangnuam - 9862898290
39. Tourist Lodge N.Vanlaiphai - 9863222270

Source : Mizoram Tourism

Mizoram in India

A markerPhawngpui National Park, Aizawl -
Blue Mountain National Park, Sialsuk, Mizoram 796190, India
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