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Places and Areas to visit outside Buenos Aires

Updated on July 18, 2013

About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the Capital City of Argentina. It is a big city with almost 3 million persons living there. People from Buenos Aires are called “Porteños” (pronounce portegnos), which means they are from the Port, an old tradition that got to our days.

Although you may find many things to do in Buenos Aires, if you ever spend a long time there, you may want to check some places that are just one hour away from there.

Buenos Aires and its surroundings

Museum | Source

Delta del Tigre

Delta del Tigre is in the mouth of Parana river to the River Plate. When they meet, Parana River, which comes from Brazil, and has a huge water volume, forms a group of islands, formed mainly by all the sediments it carries. These islands are completely covered with plants and trees, and separated by small rivers and channels.

This wonderful place has been used by Porteños many years ago, to place some really beautiful summer houses, rowing clubs, hotels and retirements.

If you go there you will find a beautiful ride (Paseo Victorica) by the river, where you may have a meal, or a coffee, and enjoy the view. From there you may rent a boat or a kayak and go to explore the channels. Here you will find a restored HOtel, now turned into a Museum.

Other option is going to the Fruit Port (Puerto de frutos), it is called like this because in the past, cargo ship used to come from upstream filled with fruits and this is where they use to unload. Nowadays, there you can find a big fair, specialized in typical products of the area, and home articles. From here you may take a ferry to know the islands.

Another option is an amusement park, with all the typical attractions of such places; or expending a day in a club on one of the islands.

One pretty nice way of getting there is by train, using a picturesque train called Tren de la Costa.

Delta del Tigre

Old Bridge
Old Bridge | Source

San Antonio de Areco

One of the many characteristics this country has are its gauchos. Gauchos are the cowboys of this land. They have they own customs, clothing, likes and typical foods. If you want to know how the life of this country man is, you may want to visit San Antonio de Areco.

In this lovely town, you will find some examples of old architecture of a typical country town. A small river with a picturesque bridge; and a small watering place gives this town a really nice spot to admire.

You may find the opportunity to do a little horse riding; see a local rodeo (called “Doma”) and visit museums.

If you get there, you shouldn’t miss eating at a typical restaurant, some “empanada”, and Argentina’s best: Asado, probably the best barbecue you will ever get to eat, both because of the quality of the meat, and for the way it is prepared. If you are brave, you may also try “achuras”; Argentineans eats everything in the cow, and that includes its organs… really delicious…

Calle de los Suspiros
Calle de los Suspiros | Source

Colonia del Sacramento

Every day you can take a ferry across the River Plate and visit Colonia del Sacramento, in the Uruguayan coast of the river. There are several times of the day and options to do this trip. You can take the 2 hours and a half, easygoing ship, or you can go on the fast one, in only 40 minutes.

Colonia del Sacramento is a small town, almost untouched by the passing of time. It remains the same since the time of the colony, both Portuguese and Spanish, in different moments.

Among its main attraction you will find the historic centre, with an old bullfighting Plaza, a lighthouse, and many historical buildings.

It also has some nice river beaches, where you can spend a nice time, if the weather allows it.

It is a great plan to do if you are in Buenos Aires, since the trip starts when you get on the ship…

Chascomus Lagoon
Chascomus Lagoon | Source

Chascomus, San Miguel del Monte and Lobos

Just 100 km away from Buenos Aires, you will find these beautiful cities. They have in common they all have a great lagoon, ideal for the practice of all kinds of watersports and fishing. Great accommodations and nice restaurants and bars make of these cities a great option to spend your time.

You can have a plane ride, make a parachuting (in Lobos), and you will be able to find great places for the practice of Polo.

Multiple Options

There are many other options to visit from Buenos Aires if you plan to spend the night there, but if you want to know a beautiful place, and be back in Buenos Aires by night, these are the best options.


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