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Top Places to visit in England

Updated on April 25, 2016

The Jurassic Coast

Nope its not a rip off of Jurassic park, The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage site situated in Southern England it Stretches 96 Miles from Orcombe Point in East devon to Swanage in East Dorset, The Coast is world famous for its Outstanding Beaches,Coves,Paths and Rocks, Oh and Fossil Hunters will not be disappointed, You would be very Unlucky if you go home without finding a Fossil or Two!


Ah Bristol, Bristol is a city like no other! and this city deserves an article about its self (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a local!) Bristol is an Ideal hotspot for all tourists alike mainly down to many of its world famous sites.Like Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge and SS Great Britain. World Famous street artist Banksy Grew Up and started his Career in Bristol so Many of his famous work is found around the City! Plus Notorious Pirate Blackbeard is presumed to be from Bristol, and the city is famous for its Pirate smuggling! Probably why locals still have a pirate twang in there accent, Just listen to Stephen Merchent and don't Deny he doesn't sound like a pirate!


Grab Your Kiss Me Quick Hat, Buy yourself a Bar of Rock and Tuck in to that amazing Fish and Chip Supper we are heading to Scarbrough! this has to be my favourite seaside resort in England, With its Beautiful Beach, An Prom full of Amusements, Shops and Chip Shops. This resort is the definition of a British Seaside Town!

Alton Towers Resort

Yes! I did say England has something for everyone! and thrill seekers are no exception! This is one of many Theme Parks in England but in my eyes it the Best! with over 50 Rides 9 of which are Roller Coasters your knuckles are bound to be white at the end of the day! This park has really got something for everyone! Beautiful Gardens for the more quite types, Cbeebies Land for the Tots and the main Park for all the Thrill Seekers! this place is really the ultimate Family day Out, Why not make it into a Holiday? With a choose of 2 Hotels you are never spoiled for choose at Alton Towers Resort!

The Cotswolds

This Massive AONB is spread over 6 Counties! the Cotswolds are Full with Hills,Valleys, Lakes and Little Villages with winding roads! not suprising that some very famous people choose to live in the Cotswolds! Evan royalty settle in the Cotswolds!


Ring Ring, Yes London is calling You to come visit! Any trip to Europe let alone England is not complete without a stop in London! Full to the brim with history and Culture you cannot get bored in London, Why not visit famous sights like Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The Tower Of London and many more! How about go shopping down Oxford Street, Or have a Picnic in Hyde Park! and how are you going to get around this City? Great question! The world famous underground of Course! But if the Undergrounds not for You you could jump on a Double Decker, Cycle around on a boris Bike or Jump into a Hackney Carriage, Driven by a friendly driver with all the Knowledge!

Honourable Mentions





Lands End



Thorpe Park


Hope You Enjoyed my little list of places to go whiles in England and I hope to see you here soon! I have Put some links down below with More Infomation about our Beautiful Country!


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