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Plaka found in the heart of Athens, the old town

Updated on August 12, 2013

A little bit of the Plaka and the Anafiotica

What comes to mind when you think of Athens?

What comes to mind when you think of Athens? Do you see the Acropolis, or the smog filled centre of town.

I remember going there in the 1980’s to the Acropolis (sacred rock of the Gods) and having to climb up all those stairs from where the taxi dropped us. It was so awesome to see, spectacular really, with a concert going on below in one of the arenas. It was coming up to nighttime and with all the lights, the town glowing in the distance below. Livakathos the hill opposite the Acropolis, another striking viewing spot.

I have been back several times over the years, the last time there was lots of renovation or should I say restoration, but still pretty spectacular. So timeless with history, you have to go there to experience it yourself.

Another of my favorite areas is the Plaka with all the outdoors bars, café’s or restaurants. The wonderful energy, sounds from the buzz of people from tourists to the locals and the vendors selling items on the side.

The Plaka is situated under the famous Acropolis; it attracts loads of visitors to Athens. The area is full of neoclassical mansions (very impressive can hardly believe that just a family can live in them), and red tiled houses, with small winding streets and steps always steps. The houses have flowers everywhere on the balconies like bougainvilleas, geraniums and even jasmine.

What is better than sitting in a street café in the warm sunshine drinking a glass of Retsina or a nice cold beer of course?

I remember going into one of the stores on my last visit to buy my mom one of these Greek icons, these stores are filled with so many.

Things to do nearby, lots of museums I went to one that had some of the artifacts they found when they built the new metro for the Olympics, halting the construction at times.

Another thing to do is take a walk up those steps again starting from the south slope of the Acropolis, you will come to Anafiotica, looks like it stepped out of one of the Greek Islands, all the whitewashed houses. It is a bit like Mykonos with winding little streets, one of my favorites, see my hub on Blissful Mykonos.

Shopping and eating in the Plaka

Shopping for tourist things, some Greek art shops (icon shops as well), leather and fur stores, and jewelry. It would not be Greece without the jewelry stores like on the islands. Some of the streets for shopping are Andrianou, Pandrosou and Hephaestou.

Restaurants are located near the square of Philomouson in Kythathineon Street. Get to drink some ouzo or the retsina, or have some wonderful octopus and Greek Salad, or have a Gyros or souvlakia (my favorite).

Greek Dancing

Plaka, anafiotika & Syntagma Square

Books on The Plaka and Athens

MAP of Plaka Area

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A markerPlaka, Athens, Greece -
Agios Andreas Plaka, Agias Filotheis 17, Athens 10556, Greece
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B markerSyntagma SQ -
Syntagma Square, Athens 10563, Greece
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    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thank You Suramaya.K, I just love the white houses with the shutters, the Greek coffee is quite strong with sugar I am not that familiar with the tea.

    • profile image

      Suramya.K 6 years ago

      The first thing that comes into my mind as I think about Athens or Greece is the unique traditional design of houses and buildings. Although I've never been to Greece, I have seen in a movie that traditional bread and tea is really famous and tasty there. Thanks for this wonderful travel hub - Athens is in my future destination now.

      Your hub deserves an "up" vote!! See ya!

    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thanks, the old town is great.

    • bestforbride profile image

      bestforbride 6 years ago from Toronto, ON, Canada

      Have never been to Athens, however, after this hub, I believe it would be great visiting the place especially Plaka. Thanks for the hub.