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Plane Chartering

Updated on December 27, 2012

Plane Chartering

Plane chartering is a fairly simple process; one just has to accept that it can be expensive. However, if a person follows a few tips and determines that the answers to a few questions the right aircraft can be chartered at a decent price.

The first tip is to realize that there are three different types of aircraft that a person can charter. Those aircraft are airplanes (propeller planes), private jets, and airliners. That is a simple classification but there are more options within each category.

Plane chartering using airplanes typically is best for regional trips. Prop planes have less range and are slower than jets. However, on the plus side they can takeoff on shorter runways, therefore can use more airports than jets. Also, they are less expensive than jets to purchase and to rent. A private plane charter is typically done with a local aircraft charter service. This is a good option if one needs to travel to another city for a meeting or an event that they want to accomplish the same day.

Plane chartering using jets is preferable for longer trips than say five hundred miles. Not only will they have a longer range but they will also be more comfortable for a long trip. Private jet charters can have some very luxurious amenities like a full entertainment center. Renting a jet can also be done nationally; one is not limited to the local jet charter services. These national charter services often have entire fleets of jets to choose from, so a person can select the perfect private jet to travel on.

Plane chartering using airliners is usually for event planners and travel agents. Many of the major airlines lease their aircraft for private charters. Sometime businesses use them for large company trips. Travel businesses use jet aircraft charter for special junkets to vacation spots or special sporting events. Universities with big time athletics programs charter airliners to transport players, personnel, and equipment to games. Obviously the common denominator here is needing to transport a lot of people at one time. However, there are airliners with very special appointments that individuals can rent. Airliners have the capability of housing full bathrooms with showers, bathrooms, conference rooms, and much more should feel they need such for a trip.

The second tip is to determine what will suit ones needs. That is to answer the questions of when, who, how long, and how far will a trip take. When can affect the price and availability of chartered aircraft. Who determines how many people will be traveling and their needs. Flying with kids may require an aircraft with individual video screens and gaming console. How long could determine if the trip is a roundtrip or considered two separate one-way trips. In other words does the aircraft need to be parked at the destination city or should they schedule to pick-up later? This will impact price. How far will determine what aircraft to use, an airplane or a jet.

By answering these plane chartering questions one could determine that a local airplane rental would be just right to get a family to the big game. Or it could help determine that a private jet charter would be best to get business executives across the country for the big meeting. The questions could also help one decide that an airliner charter is needed to transport a group. The right questions can help determine the right plane chartering aircraft.

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