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Tips and Advice for Travellers Going Abroad

Updated on June 18, 2020
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Always on the lookout for special offers, and promotions. Love researching out new thing to see what she can find.

Holiday Tips
Holiday Tips | Source

You might think now is not the time to start planning your vacation but the sooner you start researching, the sooner you can start saving how much you will need for your holidays.

Researching For Your Holiday

  • Start looking for holiday vacation spot on the internet.
  • Check out the airlines website to see if there are any sales coming up in the next few months.
  • Check out the accommodation websites to see what offers they have on or what will be on promotion in a few months time.
  • Decide on whether you want an all inclusive holiday or whether you want to book flight and accommodation separately.

Holiday Checklist

  • Pick a location.
  • Choose your dates.
  • Look around for offers.
  • Find out if you need to rent a car.
  • Research the public transport system.
  • Find out how you pay for things there. Do they accept credit cards or local currency?
  • See what types of accommodation you can book there. Choose your accommodation carefully.
  • Go online and research the area, find books in your library on the area or go on a forum and ask users if they have ever been there.
  • Don't forget to take out travel insurance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Planning Your own Holiday


  • You can set a budget on how much you plan to spend to spend on the whole holiday. Try not to go over board when booking activities and tours as you will want a day or two to relax between things.
  • Many tourist attractions have accommodations close to busy tourist spot so access to things is quicker. You always have the option to stay in a location that is far away from these busy tourist areas and the likelihood is that they can be cheaper.
  • It can be cheaper to book directly compared to using a travel agent.


  • If you pick an area that is not busy with tourist, then you are unsure of your own safety.
  • Some website can be run by scammers waiting to book tourists into accommodations that does not exist.
  • There is a chance that you could get stranded in the middle of no where if it's not bust with tourists. Taxis and buses might not operate daily in this area
  • If you don't have travel insurance and you get robbed there's is no way to replace your valuables.


10 Tips for Travellers

  1. Be smart and research any company you are booking transfers or accommodation with. If they are not legitimate you will loose your money and be stranded abroad.
  2. Ensure that you are booking with reputable companies. If they have multiple negative comments on them, be cautious if you choose them, it could be risky.
  3. Do your research and be a savvy traveller. Don't put yourself in a dangerous position where you are at risk.
  4. Know the laws of the country.
  5. Know where your embassy is.
  6. Always let those back home know where you are at all time. The Facebook location check in can be useful here.
  7. Don't go to any areas tourists are told to avoid by the locals.
  8. Don't go off with individual strangers.
  9. Make sure that if you book with a third party website that they are bonded with the IATA (International Air Transport Association) and the Commission for Aviation Regulation.
  10. Check your embassy website to see if that location is a risky area go area for travellers to visit at this time.

Is Planning a Holiday Difficult

  • If you do it in stages and divide the tasks out when planning the holiday especially if it's a group holiday then you can reduce the stress when planning it, especially if you are going to a number of destinations.
  • The more time you have to plan it the more time you can take to ensure that the places you are booking are trustworthy.
  • If you've got 6 month to plan a vacation you should be fine. If you've got 6 days, then it might be a little bit stressful and you better visit asap.
  • Start researching holiday locations early and check out the locations that you really like first. Always book with websites that have a good reputation so that you won't be disappointed by unforeseen issues.
  • If booking accommodation from a website or with individuals, be cautious. Make sure you pay only with bank transfer, don't do a Western Union transfer. They might be a scammer taking advantage of a local legitimate business who is unaware someone is pretending to be from their business.
  • Check out blogs online and watch travel vlogs on YouTube from people who travel to different locations. This helps you get an idea on the location and what is there for you to see or do.

Best Times to go on Holiday

There are certain times during the year that airlines will be busy. This also means that the price of flights will be higher. Holiday periods like Christmas, Easter and summer holidays will see more families going abroad because of school breaks so avoid booking at these times.

That's why it's always a good idea to go a few weeks prior to the end of school term.

Planning a holiday

Do you like to do your own planning and researching when choosing a holiday?

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What you Should Know About the Location Before Travelling There

  • You do not want to book a holiday during a Tsuamui. So always find out what type of weather the country will have at certain times during the year.
  • Check out if the country has any customs you have to obey because if you break them the consequences could be severe.
  • See what the local currency they use is.
  • Check to see how good the public transport system is. Do they have a bus and rail service.
  • Find out if the restaurants can deal with customers with any food allergies.
  • See how far the location of any attractions you want to visit are from the town or city.

Before you Travel, Check Your Embassy Website

If you're visiting any country today it's always a good idea to check out that countries embassy website to see if they have any vital information that you should know before travelling to that country.

The embassy in your own country will also post updates on situations that are happening in countries abroad, so always visit them before you decide to visit any country. The information they contain is very useful.

Also watch the news and read newspaper as usually they are the first to report on issues.

Booking With An Airline

  • Always shop around and check different airline websites to make sure you get the best prices possible.
  • Find out how far the airport is from where you are staying. Some countries have more than one airport and it's always good to know what part of the country you will be arriving in. Some airlines are very far away from some of the cities and you don't want to arrive at your holiday destination to find out that your hotel is 100 miles away from the airport.
  • Find out what type of transfers are available for holiday makers. Sometimes you might need to prebook a taxi, a bus or hire a car. Other times you can book one on arrival.

Booking with a Tour Group

If you would like to take the stress out of planning and booking your own holiday altogether, then you might be more interested in booking your holiday with a tour group company.

Booking a holiday with a tour group allows you to visit the destination you want to see but without the stress of planning it. The tour companies who run these services have years of experience in the business with knowledgeable guides who know the destination they are travelling to extremely well.

If you are travelling solo and want to experience a destination, then this can be a safer method of travelling especially if it's your first time choosing this option.

Before you book with any tour group, do a few comparisons to see who offers the best prices. Check out reviews from fellow travellers to see what they say about the guides and their experience.

Booking accommodation in hotels.
Booking accommodation in hotels. | Source

Which do you prefer?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hotel


  • Very straightforward.
  • Can book directly with them on their website.
  • Breakfast can be included in the price.
  • Know the quality of service prior to arriving.
  • Room is tidied when gone.


  • Need to leave your room by certain time for housekeeping.
  • Strangers coming into your room.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Houses or Apartments


  • Can come and go as you please.
  • No one comes into the place while you are staying there.
  • Can lock up when you are going out.
  • Can buy your own food.
  • Free parking.


  • Might need to do your own laundry.
  • Could be more expensive depending on the area you choose.
  • Might need to pay deposit in advance.
  • If you damage anything you could be liable to pay compensation.
  • Place might not end up looking like what you expected.


So if you are thinking of going away for a few days, always do your research online and pick up a few brochures from your travel agent to see what the destination has to offer.

The first trip you plan could be a weekend break. Then the more confident you get, the better you will be at planning longer breaks.

A good website to get advice from is People who have stayed in a variety of accommodation in different countries put up reviews on this site.

It is always good to read all reviews on the different places and types of accommodation and remember if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.

© 2011 Sp Greaney


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      2 years ago

      You're welcome.

    • sangre profile imageAUTHOR

      Sp Greaney 

      2 years ago from Ireland

      @Robert Sacchi, that's a really good tip. I will include that. Thank you.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      2 years ago

      Good tips and warnings. What about traveling with a tour group?

    • sangre profile imageAUTHOR

      Sp Greaney 

      8 years ago from Ireland

      @ Dawnrichard

      That's a good tip. The best time here to get any good offers with them is usually during the school year. The rest of the time they raise the prices.

    • Dawnrichard profile image


      8 years ago

      There are a lot of holiday planners online. When you choose someone for your dream tour i will suggest have a look on different different sites and find the cheapest deal which will save a lot of money of your.

      Thanks for sharing such a nice article.



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