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Poitiers, France trip

Updated on December 12, 2012

In July of this year, I exchanged homes and lived in Poitiers, France, for three weeks. Poitiers is steeped in History and is a fabulous city. It is called the "Ville et pays d'art et d'histoire" by the French - which translated means the "City and Land of Art and History."

Poitiers is surrounded by fields of magnificent Sunflowers - called "Tournesoleil" which means "turn toward the sun", in French. Some fields have flowers over six feet high! These magnificent flowers are used to produce oil for multiple products.

Poitiers has over 80 monuments of historical interest and is steeped in history. Noted for the war with the English, and surrounded by the Clain and Boivre rivers, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty.

The town is perfect for walking, and you can't miss the L'Eglise de Notre Dame (yes, there's one outside of Paris!). It is simply magnificent. Originally built in the first half of the 10th Century, this lovely building was rebuilt (in the style of "High Romanesque") in the second half of the 11th Century, making this Gothic Church a must-see: As in many historial buildings in France, it has remained in almost perfect condition.

Poitiers was one of the first European towns, in 1431, to boast a University. This now has 25,000 students each year and many American students enjoy a one year exchange to Poitiers.

Futurescope is a magnificent theme park nearby which draws thousands of Europeans all year to visit with their children; (this has definitely helped put Poitiers back on the map).

I visited the towns nearby - Chambourcy, Angles Sur L'Anglin (with its beautiful 10th Century Fortress)... and other little villages which you can see in my photos. Definitely worth a visit!

I also went to La Rochelle, but will start another hub with the photos of that lovely place!


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    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Loved the photos and cant wait to get back to France again !

      Found you while hubhopping .