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Pondering_ or _Pandering

Updated on February 25, 2015


What would you say? To whom you ask? To Jesus; to get into heaven!

The answers that have been given on that question in the past five years are amazing!

Yet I think we are still missing what HE taught us. If Jesus says that a sinner who beats his chest and says God be gracious to me is more righteous than a man who tallies his good points, then maybe we have missed the point.

I have been in that sinners shoes, many times. I have also been in the way of righteousness for months at a time. I felt strength, vitality and a smug sense of knowing I am a Godly man.

Where would I rather be? Where would you rather be?

If Jesus died for me on that tree and I am set free, why am I even concerned about this question of eternity? Have you ever been smothered in Jesus love. I have, its liquid love and its all encompassing. Jesus love is too great for words. But its not always manifest. At least it is not always manifest to me. What about you. Have you experienced it? What did you do to get it? Worship? Obedience? Prayer? Singing? Witnessing?

I can tell about my Do's. But I am ashamed of my dont's. How about you? My friend who is on a spiritual high now tells me that Jesus is coming back really really soon. When he tells it, I get a sense of it could be this year. But I have been there before and many before have given that kind of timeline. What would I do different? If I knew He was coming this year, what would I do different. I don't think I would do anything differently. But I would talk more about Him and His Kingdom. I would ask the question more times. Are you saved? I would give more time to those who want to learn about Jesus. So not differently but more diligently. What would you do, if you knew?

Next time: PANDERING the Kingdom!


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