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Popular Castles to Visit in Europe

Updated on May 11, 2016

Bodiam Castle

diego-torres CCO Public Domain
diego-torres CCO Public Domain | Source

Bodiam Castle is located in East Sussex. The Bodiam Castle is a beautiful place. The Bodiam Castle was originally built in the 14th century. The Bodiam Castle was attacked many times but survived. In the 1600s, English soldiers were able to inflict damage on the castle. At one time mercenaries of medieval times lived at the castle. The Bodiam Castle is one of England's popular tourist attractions. You can see beautiful views of the castle moat and the countryside when you climb to the top of the towers.

Dover Castle at Kent

Dietrnann  CCO Pubic Domain
Dietrnann CCO Pubic Domain | Source

Dover Castle is located in Kent. The White Cliffs of Dover are home to this fortress. The Cliffs of Dover are Englands closest point to the European continent. The Dover Castle was used as a defense when being attacked by people from Europe. The stone walls and huge keep have been modernized. The Dover Castle had many secret tunnels that were used to make surprise attacks on the invaders. The tunnels were used as recently as World War II to evacuate people during the Dunkirk invasion. The tunnels were also used by Allied Forces.

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindistarne Castle on Holy Land Matthew Hunt CC BY 2.0
Lindistarne Castle on Holy Land Matthew Hunt CC BY 2.0 | Source

The Lindisfarne Castle is located on Holy Island, Northumberland. This medieval English castle was built on a beautiful romantic site. On a point of land, an abbey's foundation was built by medieval Irish monks. You could only reach this location when the tide was low. The monks made beautiful manuscripts at this location. The monks were forced to leave when the Vikings invaded. The castle was built in the 16th century from stone from the abbey.

Tower of London

Famous Tower of London  Gic Public Domain
Famous Tower of London Gic Public Domain | Source

The Tower of London is located in Greater London. There is a long, bloody past connected to the Tower of London. William the Conqueror started building the White Tower after the Norman Invasion. The Anglo-Saxons considered the tower the most freighting buildings they had ever seen. For centuries improvements were made, such as building walkways. There were many famous people imprisoned in the Tower of London. It is said the Tower of London is haunted by the ghosts of Sir Walter Raleigh, Anne Boleyn, and many others. The Tower of London is home to England's famous Crown Jewels. The building of the Warwick Castle of Warwickshire was begun in the 11th century.

Warwick Castle

Inspiredimages CCO Public Domain
Inspiredimages CCO Public Domain | Source

The Warwick Castle was first built out of wood. It was on a hill and had a palisade around it. The stonework was added years later. The stone work did not survive. The Earls of Warwick made their home here. They were very important people during the Wars of the Roses and the Hundred Years War. During England's Civil War it was a Parliamentarian stronghold. The Castles Great Hall is home to middle age weaponry and armor. The dungeon has horrible torture chambers. Now there are medieval festivals, jousting events and medieval craft demonstrations held at Warwick Castle for the visitors.


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