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Portinatx, Ibiza, Our Best Holiday Yet!

Updated on June 3, 2010

Portinatx 2009

Portinatx Bay from the Mexican restaurant
Portinatx Bay from the Mexican restaurant
View from hotel restaurant
View from hotel restaurant
Bay used in the film South Pacific
Bay used in the film South Pacific
View of hotel and private beach from bus terminal
View of hotel and private beach from bus terminal
Visiting yachts to Portinatx harbour
Visiting yachts to Portinatx harbour

A Holiday Surprise 2009

Sitting at the computer one Sunday morning, listening to the washing machine lulling in the background, I came upon a holiday site. Portnatx, Ibiza, one week all inclusive for 4 people £1340.00 I got out my debit card, paid the deposit and ran upstairs to tell Gordon, Craig and Rebecca.

Firstly Gordon, I dived on the bed trying to contain my excitement and blurted out "we are going to Ibiza on 26th May", Gordon rubbed his eyes and looked at me silently. "It is the perfect present for Craigs 21st and Rebecca's 18th birthdays I said", Still silence, Oh well. Running into Craig and Rebecca's bedroom I bounced on their bed and told them the good news to. "Great mum", Craig said "where in Ibiza are we going." At last some response. Gordon came into the bedroom too and sat and listened to all the excitement. "Portinatx, Portinatx!" I squealed. "It is for your birthday presents, I wanted to get you both something special."

Excitement followed and during the next four months we were all looking forward to a wonderful holiday. I did stop to think if Portinatx had plenty to do for two couples of different ages and I worried in case it would be to hot for Gordon, who doesn't tolerate the heat very well, but once we arrived in the airport all thoughts turned to the swimming pool and lovely sunshine.

None of us had been to Ibiza before. I had heard all about the yobs on the streets and had watched various holiday programmes showing cramped, busy and loud resorts full of drunks and people making fools of themselves being sick. The thought of had I done the right thing was in the back of my mind, but I was determined to make the best of things.

The little bus was waiting for us in Ibiza airport and as we travelled further away from Ibiza Town the countryside took on a completely different colour. Instead of the burnt grass and sparse flat countryside that I had looked deflated at, there was trees, mountains and glorious sightings of the sea. The sun shone high in the sky and I settled back on my seat enjoying the scenery.

The bus pulled in front of our hotel and unloaded all the luggage from the 12 passengers staying here. I could see the swmming pool from the reception area and hear the music from the entertainers outside. It was beautiful. Our room was a bungalow in the gorgeous gardens full of exotic plants of all colours, whilst Craig and Rebecca where shown to a room in the main hotel over looking the sea. This really had to be heaven.

Excitedly I waited in reception for the others to join me and then we walked down the steps to the beach, passing the tropical bar on our way. The beach was small but very clean, wind surfers rested on the waves to the right and pedalo's to the left. We didn't have swimming costumes on but that didn't worry Gordon or Craig who just dived in the sea to cool off.

We wondered around the hotel gardens, past two lovely pools, tennis courts and into the outside bar. The afternoon snacks where being served and we where all ready to get a bite to eat. Craig went straight for a beer, whilst the rest of us took advantage of the afternoon buffet and cups of lovely percolated coffee. Afterwards we decided to walk into the town of Portinatx itself. Wow what a steep hill, we hadn't expected that, but the sight that met us was well worth it.

Portinatx is a small town placed in and around three coves of glorious white sand. Only one of these coves had water sports the others where so quiet. Surrounding the town were lush hills covered in pine trees and the shoreline was a sight to behold. This had to be heaven. Several shops and bars mingled with specialist restaurants. The Chinese restaurant even had it's own swimming pool! Gordon and I sat by the sea at the Mexican restaurant, Gordon loving ice cream just had to have an ice cream sundae, served in a bowl as big as a bucket. The two younger ones wasted no time in finding an English type pub to make friends in, and I tried one of the many exotic cocktails on offer.

This little town was a real gem, enough happening for two younger ones and enough peace and quiet for the golden oldies.

We visited Portinatx every evening and stayed for a couple of hours and by the end of the week we were all a dab hand at walking that hill. During the day we stayed in the hotel taking advantage of one of those lovely pools and enjoying the freedom to eat and drink as we pleased. The food was amazing and such a choice for me too being a vegetarian. We only ate out twice during the week.

We took the local bus to Ibiza Town, which after the sheer delight of Portinatx was a bitter disappointment, although the Old Town was lovely. This was the Ibiza I had heard of, noisy, dirty and full of drunks. Row after row of shops selling memorabilia and cheap tacky presents to take home. Alongside these ran expensive boutiques competing for your money. We had a coffee and salad in the Old Town, nothing special and costing eighteen euros. We had intended to stay in Ibiza town until the last bus took us back to Portinatx but we couldn't wait for the earlier bus to arrive and take us back to the hotel.

We travelled on the little train up into the mountains for a little taste of Iocal history. Beautiful little churches with white towers sparkling in the sun and lovely valleys with olive groves scattered around. Ibiza was not called the white island for nothing.

Gordon and I took a journey on the glass bottomed boat, we were both amazed at the different species of fish. They swam around us in schools of many colours, shapes and sizes. We even sailed over the wreckage of a small commercial vessel where even more varieties of fish could be seen. We could of stayed in Portinatx forever.

Alas the day came too fast for us all to pack and return home, we were all very quiet but knew we would be back another day. We had fallen in love with Portinatx and will be seeing old friends again soon.


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    • profile image

      M.Burman 5 years ago

      Went to Portinatx forty years ago,it was heaven.No development but lots of Guardia Civil with sub-machine guns-Franco was still in charge- and they used to hang about in the beach bar downing copious amounts of beer and brandy.One night my husband went for a swim-it was about 10pm and they rushed from the bar and started firing into the air.Apparently nighttime swimming in the sea or hotels was forbidden!

    • hubs123 profile image

      hubs123 6 years ago

      ahhhh great lens i love it :)

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

      The pictures alone speak 1000 words. I can tell that you just loved every minute of it.