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Portuguese festivals

Updated on December 13, 2012

Portuguese are very interesting people. When you think you know everything about them you suddenly understand that there is so much more to be understood.

Portuguese people are very friendly and merry. Their passion is music and dancing that is why the country is an absolute magnet for those who want to feel the life in all its colors and the best way to do it in Portugal is by attending one of its spectaculars festivals.

The largest and the most exciting time for Portugal in terms of festivals and holidays is winter, specifically February. This festival is a sum of dozen little holidays that are combined together and presented in one week in the country. It starts with “Pink Monday” than goes with Tuesday which is usually accompanied with bright colors and all night dancing. There is also a must do parade, which is followed by a historical tradition of men changing into female clothes in a pretty vulgar manner. This tradition goes back to 1926 when it was established. According to a an interesting and a rather informative travel portal I came across there are some other festivals that are worth visiting.

One of such festivals starts on May 1st. this time the country turns into a large flower valley full of colors and different aromas. Portuguese celebrate spring with decoration of their houses like flowers, plants and different accessories. Next holiday that comes after May 1st is the one that is held on the 13th of May. This festival is called Lady Fatima, which is aimed to commemorate Virgin Mary.

Portugal is also famous for its deep love to corridas, just as their neighbors they appreciate bullfights. The biggest festival which is assumed to celebrate such sports as bullfighting is held on August 14th. The main feature of celebration is a parade of old fashion traditions.

The main advantage of Portuguese festivals is that they are fun and free, the government controls the prices so you want pay double prize just because you got to the country on a holiday, so if you are planning a trip to this magical place, don’t be afraid to book your ticket any day now.


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