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Positives of Stopping at Visitors Centers

Updated on May 28, 2009

You probably like to travel a lot and if you're like me you almost always drive your car down the Interstate to reach the area that you are traveling to. However, one thing that you might not do is stop at the visitor's centers when you first enter into each state. Now I know that if you stop at further rest areas down the road you can get some of the same information, but usually from what I have experienced is that the first rest stop might have some beneficial goodies that are from that state that are only available at the first rest area. Not only that many other benefits exist at stopping at visitor centers.

The first main benefit that I can think of by stopping at the first visitor center in the state is if the state is really long or new to you then you will be able to take care of personal business before embarking into the great unknown. Which if your state is like Ohio the first visitor center you come across is located well within the state and then the next one is several hundreds of miles down the road again.

The second reason is that at some of the states such as Florida the first rest area typically has some type of refreshment. I know that the last time that I went into Florida at the rest area that they had fresh orange juice which is exactly what Florida is known for. So why not stop at the first rest area as some of them will be showing off some of the state's natural crops that are fairly unique to that area.

The third great reason to stop at the first rest area in each state is that you can typically find some wonderful travel brochures that can give you some great ideas as to where you stop at while on your trip. Not only that you can also find some great coupons to provide even more discounts on your stay or at the various areas that you're going to be traveling to. Which with today's economy a discount or a coupon is always a plus when you are traveling.

So stopping at the visitors centers will give you some great benefits some of which you might realize. I know that many people will just drive past the visitor centers, but you can find some great information by stopping at the visitor centers that each state provides for a wealth of information on that state.


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    • chicamom85 profile image

      chicamom85 8 years ago

      When my family and I travel by car, we do like the visitor centers and since we have a dog with us, they often have a "dog walk" potty area which is nice. Good advice, nice hub