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Pre-Trip Preparation

Updated on November 27, 2008

Before you go . .

So you're getting ready for your big vacation or overseas trip. You've made your travel and lodging reservations, put together a list of what to pack. Make sure you don't forget to safeguard the homefront - - - - -

Before you leave, go onto the postal service website (they'll accept same day requests if you fill out the form before 2 a.m.). You enter your zipcode and then fill out a form that asks what day you first want mail held, and when you want it redelivered. To make absolutely sure that a substitute carrier doesn't miss my request - - - I've been placing an empty shoebox in my streetside mailbox. On the end of the shoebox, I tape a copy of my "hold mail request".

Also remember to stop delivery of your newspaper.

It helps if you haven't made any recent online purchases. It's nearly impossible to have those kind of shipments held.

Set up a couple lamps around the house on timers, to go on and off at different times. I've seen in hardware stores that they even make random timers or a timer you can turn on / off 14 times a day! (Boy! THAT will confuse the neighbors! :>})

Right before I leave the house on the day of my trip, I turn off the circuit breaker for my water heater. I also unplug from the wall things like my desktop computer, flat screen TV, etc..Murphy's Law says there will be a lightning storm while you're gone if you DON'T unplug your electronics.

Taking care of these few small items will let you relax and fully enjoy your vacation.

Bon Voyage!


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