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President Obama's Favorite Hawaiian Hangouts

Updated on January 2, 2011

President Obama is mere human. He is a guy who loves basketball, loves his family and tries to be "normal" when on vacation in Hawaii, the place where he spent much of his pre-adult years with his grandparents. He was just a kid, like all kids, playing b-ball, hanging out with friends, messing around and talking about girls. No doubt, your average youth in paradise.

Like all persons, he has favorites now, places that recall memories of those past days he visits every time when in Hawaii. Whether it is a street where his friends once lived or areas where he just chilled, he needs to reconnect.

Hometowns are like that. One walks down the street and start recalling personal past history that usually start with, "This use to be... or I remember when...or, My how this has changed...". Also, sometimes, time simply remains the same like a time machine, the universal comment then is, " it is exactly like it was... or, Nothing has changed". That is only partially true. The people, cars, trees, times, events, music and even you have changed, yet, the basketball court or the house, looks the same, just older.

Oahu is Obama's hometown. He usually eats at Alan Wong's Restaurant because it is a place in his life. As a kid, he and his grandparents frequently went there. Another place is, Island Snow, a place he cherishes for the snow cones. He went there as a kid. He always visits Hanauma Bay Park with its pristine water and fish on Tuesdays when the park is closed. He also reconnects with family and childhood friends, maybe shoot a little "hoop" and bullshit time away like the old days. He tries to avoid the old beaches he hung out at, well, for security reasons including the  Olomana Golf Course near a busy highway. He played there frequently. He always makes at least one visit to the local Baskin Robbins, where he worked as a teenager. How weird must that feel! The beaches he now kicks back on are located on the Marine Corps Base.

Time is an odd element. It seems to slip by without much notice. I am talking huge chunks of it. Suddenly, a year has gone by, than 10 years. Sometimes, one only notices the difference when confronted by an old photo. Then it hits. Smacks you in the face.


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