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President Trump's Delusional North Korea Policy

Updated on June 13, 2018

If President Trump is using his own advice from his book, The Art of the Deal, then America really does not need it when it comes to foreign affairs. The recent epic meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump was really all about nothing except North Korea, China and Russia, got the U.S. president to halt its exercises with South Korea while North Korea only agreed to agree to chat about its nuclear weapons!

Trump then announces the world is safer and he has a new friend. Does anyone really believe NK will ever fully denuclearize after it has spent millions and decades of getting them? Trump's video that was shown Kim has been said did not impress him because he cannot be bought and that he is already very rich. NK really does not want to open its doors to America or other western nations for development because it may mean the loss of control over his kingdom. He is not going to risk that unless he remains in control. What Kim wants is to make his capital a stunning showcase for the world and remain its leader.

North Korea has many options to deceive. It can sell its nuclear knowledge and technology to other rogue nations, which it has done for years with Iran. The recent visit by President Assad from Syria to NK begs questions. Assad once sought NK's nuclear knowledge and a small nuclear reactor was being built until Israel discovered and destroyed it. As with Iran's deception for years, nobody is 100% where all the NK nuclear weapons are or where their testing facilities are. Worse, is the fact many are mobile platforms.

There was a reason why many past presidents did not meet with the leader of North Korea, whatever is agreed to is unverifiable in reality. Once NK gets the concessions it seeks, it will become harder and harder to verify if they really have removed all nuclear warheads. All Nk has to do is move them into China or Russia or Iran. What will the West do then?

In the end, how all this will end is a Trump furious because he was played as a big fool. As he said, he most likely will never admit to this, so instead, he will the military option. Once it is used, NK will now have an excuse to use its nuclear weapons in some fashion in self-defense. Whether the target is Guam, Japan, or Seoul, the world will face horrific events. This may be ascerbated by events in the Middle East because Israel continues to plan for an airstrike to take out Iran's nuclear bomb development. This would be another world changing event.

This world is not in a safer place.


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