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President Trump's Twitter On North Korea

Updated on November 13, 2017

President Trump and the leader of North Korea have been agitating one another over the nuclear weapons North Korea has and is developing. This banter is quite entertaining and coy. Neither side really knows what the other is thinking when trying to evaluate one another. President Trump should tweet the following to North Korea's leader:

"Kim Jong Un spent much of his life in elite lifestyle, enjoying what Western society has to offer while living and being educated in Switzerland. It is a fact that he his a short and fat man, just as I am an old, wise, man. The word dotard is a relic in the English language and no longer used. I dare Kim to live like many of his citizens in poverty for one week with no special treatment. I doubt if he could make it without help. His pursuit of nuclear weapons is a double-edged sword. Attacking any nation or using nukes to intimidate will only bring danger to his nation. America will intervene to prevent this. Kim, the rocket man, wants to join the nuclear club of nations and be recognized. Yet, not even their friend, China, wants this to happen. America has no desire to invade or reclaim North Korea, there is not much there worth the cost. Kim's paranoia of this belongs in the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone. If he wants to meet with me, great, release all American POW's."

I wonder what kind of response Kim might have to this.


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