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6 Places to see from the Interstate (USA)

Updated on December 28, 2015

6th Stop, New Mexico

With the highest Capital City 7,000 feet above sea level, New Mexico is the 6th stop on our journey. I've traveled through New Mexico several times on the interstate mostly. It is simply beautiful. The prettiest place in New Mexico? Well that is no doubt on I-40 North-west of Grants, NM. In this small desert valley lies on both sides beautiful mountain peaks that will not only captivate you, but you might be so in awe that you temporarily lose your sense of balance. Be careful drivers.

5th Stop, Washington

Ever heard of the Big Apple? Well it turns out that the largest production of Apples is Washington state. Over 5000 wild horses still roam the Yakima Indian Reservation, and the first Beatles song ever heard in the USA on the radio was in.. You guessed it.. Seattle, Washington.

Travel East of Seattle, go over the mountain and through the woods, on I-90 just east of Ellensburg, WA and you will find this beautiful treasure. The Columbia River cuts through this cliff sided landscape and takes you on a journey of the eyes. Weighing in at our 5th stop, this is a must see escape. Stop by the Wild Horse Monument while you are there and see if you can spot the dam north of the bridge. It's hard to see but it's there. Although the wind mills are probably to blame, don't be blown away from this sight alone.

4th Stop, New York City

Speaking of the Big Apple, here comes our next stop. They would prefer you didn't stop. That is, not on the George Washington Bridge. Especially not in a big truck. As fortune has it, I was able to stop on the George Washington Bridge Westbound for three hours as I remember it. Meanwhile I was able to take these lovely pictures. Across the world, on the east coast lies one of the biggest cities in the world. The Big Apple. Travel on I-95 East or West and look across the water, you can just barely see the skyline. Although, I am not the biggest fan of major cities, it simply is a beautiful sight, even if you are just passing through.

3rd Stop, California

Take the time one day, to stop in a truck stop. Ask a random truck driver how he feels about California. You may be surprised by the amount of curse words he uses to describe his feeling. Seriously, California does not like truck drivers, they like the stuff, oh yes, everyone likes the stuff, they would just rather not see the truck that brings the stuff. It just so happens that the 3rd most beautiful place in all of the USA rests in California. In Norden, CA on I-80 rests Donner Pass, known for a wagon team gone wrong, holds some of the most majestic landscape in all the world. Once you gaze upon the giant granite rock formations, and see the original wagon trail, you will be hooked into learning more. I've never experienced it in the Ice and Snow, and I can't say my appetite grew any healthier given the history of this particular pass. I can say, however, this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

2nd Stop, Maryland

Headed back East! On I-68 nestled in a small valley lies Cumberland, MD. This small city, is certainly a surprise for a beginner. I can still remember cresting the hill to see that a city was sprung in between of these gorgeous hills. It's almost my favorite place to visit. If you look at this city on Google earth, you will find that the hills nearly paint a picture, and right at the bottom of this picture is a painted Cumberland. Your breath will be taken away when you first lay eyes on this beautifully historic city. Stop and stay awhile, spend some quality time at the museums. It's worth noting, if you do find yourself hauling machinery into West Virginia, just off of I-79 exit 67 sits a pilot with a Moe's Southwestern Grill.. Just saying..

1st and Final Stop, Maryland... Again..

At the Maryland and Pennsylvania border rests a small town that may remind you of Mayberry. Originally the site for the St. Joseph's school for girls, rests a shrine for the first ever All American Saint, Elizabeth Ann Seaton. You might be traveling also to the Emergency Management Institute as well. Where the original school for girls lays also is inhabited by the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. This is now a government owned facility so you will need to seek the proper permissions to walk the grounds. Classes are available year round as well. Let's not stop there, just a short walk from EMI sits two of the town's liveliest bars. The Ott House, famously known as being a firefighter bar, and the Palms, small.. but deadly. The Palms features a drink called the Orange Crush. Drink one feel good, drink many, still feel good but vulnerable. If you're hungry, travel on down the road to Rube's Crab Shack and enjoy all the Crab legs you can stand. All you can eat, all night, every night.

If that isn't enough, hop in the car and travel up to Gettysburg. Civil War buff? Stop in one of the many artifact stores and clean them out. Prices on relics and antiques are ridiculously low because of the population of sellers in the area. The entire area is off the beaten path, however with enough time spent on US 15, you are sure to see lots of awesome stuff.. I've heard Camp David is nearby.


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