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Discount Hotel Coupons

Updated on August 15, 2012

Room and are great places to get Summer travel discounts. Even in difficult economy, there are ways to travel, if you know where to look and the little tricks that can save you money on your vacation.

There are sites that offer discount coupons that offer you savings on your hotel. A hotel stay can be a big chunk of your budget, especially if you are traveling with the family.

I will list a few great coupon sites that will save you money. Check them all out, and go with the one's that offer you the greatest savings.

Hotel | Source

Room Saver

Room Saver, has a host of discounts and freebies you can use for your vacation stay. They have discounts of up to %50 off hotel rates. When you go to the site, enter the city, state, and zip code of your location. You can find discounts on just about any hotel you desire to lodge.

Roomsaver coupons in 4 simple steps:

  • Search using type of coupon
  • get list view results
  • click on "walk in rate"
  • get the coupon

Print out the coupon and present it at the hotel front desk, when you arrive.

Hotel Coupons

Hotel coupons, is one of the top online resources for free, and discount travel coupons. They offer discounts on everything from you room rental to your car. You will have to register to take advantage of these discounts.

To find a discount, just sign in, enter your destination, the date of your trip, find your coupon and print it out. You can also find these travel coupons, in book form at any local hotel, or hotel.

Motelcoupons .com offers discounts for travel and hotel and motel lodging in the United States and outside the states.They offer great discounts on rooms, vacation packages, resorts and everything a conscientious traveler would need.

They guaranteed the rooms and their prices. Go to the site, enter your destination, you date of arrival and return and find your discounts.

CouponCraze is another site that offers coupons codes you can use against your hotel stay. Enter the location of your trip as well as your travel dates. Be sure to check the expiration dates on the coupons, to make sure the offer is current.


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