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Private Jet Plane Choices For The Business Enterprise

Updated on March 29, 2011

Private Jet Plane

All entrepreneur business owners should have targets established for their business beyond plain dollar projects. Something the owner can celebrate as a gauge of their progress other than reaching a goal or milestone. That goal should be something tangible that can be savored over and over. Acquiring a private jet plane could be a goal that helps a business, while at the same time letting the owner know he has made progress.

Bill Bartmann in his book Billionaire Secrets to Success relates the story that he wanted a private plane to travel in rather than using a private jet rental. He talked with his management staff to establish how much business would be needed to be brought in to make it feasible. They reached that goal and acquired that airplane. Then he wanted a private jet and did the same thing again- set a goal, reached it, and enjoyed the rewards. Many business owners can try finding that very goal of a private jet plane also.

Still, there are a lot of variables to be pondered before acquiring jet ownership.

Private Plane Ownership Costs

Private jet cost of ownership is very, very high. Unconscionably so in my opnion. Think about the private jet acquisition cost will price into the millions. Then there are private jet services like staff and maintenance. Rising fuel costs along with hangar fees and insurance. Then there are the pilots to fly the aircraft. Most private jet plane ownership is shortened as the owner realizes the true cost of ownership, then they sell out. Particularly, when a financial turn is for the worse. Top celebrities or sports superstars may be able to afford a nice executive jet for a period of time while income is flowing in, but when the inevitable dips come, the plane is the intial thing to go.

Corporate Aircraft Ownership

About the only entities that can manage the long-term cost of private jet ownership is big business. Because the corporation absorbs the costs for executive jet service, the corporation's brass can journey about in luxury. Yet, most recent development have this corporate perk underfire. This perk (among others) is taking a thrashing by the public, stockholders, and even politicians, as this expense is tough to condone. The expense relative to the return.

Private Aircraft Ownership

One stucture to owning a private jet plane is to choose fractional jet ownership. Buying into fractional jet ownership is really purchasing into a jet fleet. What one will have is a part ownership in a private jet plane, but with fractional ownership one may use the whole jet fleet. One purchases part of a fractional airplane and when they need to they can call for a jet typically with a five hour advance notice anywhere in the lower 48 states of the US. An hourly fuel and service charge will be applied for every flight. Netjet is just such a fractional air program.

A different form of fractional jet "ownership" is a jet card or membership plan. It is a lot like fractional ownership, but one is not required to buy into part of a jet. Instead one buys into a program and they utilize the fleet of jets at an established rate for the hours in flight. There is an upfront cost but that is for an account of flight hours to be used, kind of like a prepaid debit card. Sentient is just such a private jet membership service.

Jet ownership has its alternatives that makes fiscal sense for both businesses and individuals utilizing a private jet plane.


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