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Private Jet Travel: Not as Expensive as You Think

Updated on January 27, 2020
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Melissa Hull is the Content Marketing Strategist for Aviation Charters, a West Trenton, New Jersey-based private aviation company.

If you think private jets are only for the rich, the elite, and the famous, then you better think again. Nowadays, the luxury of flying private is no longer reserved for rock stars, celebrities, and multi-millionaires. It's now feasible for frequent travelers and business people to take a private jet to their destination in lieu of flying first class.

Just a few years ago, you either had to own a jet, have a broker to reserve an aircraft for you, or pay thousands of dollars in membership fees to board private flights. But as competition in the industry intensifies, companies started offering discounts and last-minute deals, making private jet travel more affordable for those who would like to save time and fly in optimum comfort without breaking the bank.

Flying Private – Is It THAT Expensive?

Private jet travel has become more accessible these days due to several reasons. Aside from the considerable decrease in price and the more convenient booking process, private jet companies are now offering single-seat bookings, which makes it possible for travelers to pay for seats on the plane instead of an entire flight.

With more suppliers than there ever used to be, private jet companies are open to cutting prices in the hopes of filling seats that would have otherwise remained empty. Those who wish to fly private can almost always score last-minute deals through apps or get an empty leg for less than half the price of a first-class seat.

Also, passengers of commercial flights often have to pay for checked-in luggage, which could set them back around $40 per trip. When you fly private, however, checked bags are always free and, most of the time, so is in-flight Wi-Fi.

How To Save Costs On Private Jet Travel

Private jet travel may be perceived as a luxury by many, but that does not make it unaffordable – or impractical for that matter. Consumers nowadays are smart, and they sure know how to make the most of their travel budget. If you're planning on flying private yourself – whether alone, with a group, for business, or leisure, here are some tips on how to get the best price for your next private jet charter.

1. Consider Taking A Propeller Aircraft

A prop may seem less luxurious than a jet on the outside, but many of them look and feel almost the same inside. If your destination is just an hour away or even less, opting for a propeller aircraft would be the more practical choice. It can land on shorter runways, so you'll have more airport options, plus it can cost up to 25% less.

2. Group Up

Chartered flights cost the same, whether it's seated to capacity or has only one passenger on it. If you happen to know some people who are heading to the same destination with you at around the same date, maybe you can charter a jet and divide the costs among yourselves.

3. Opt For A Smaller Jet

Bigger isn’t always better, or in some cases – practical. Sure, flying on a huge private jet sounds very appealing, but not on the pocket. For short distance flight, a VLJ or very light jet would be a wiser and more cost-efficient choice for a group of three or four people.

4. Take Empty Leg Flights

If your schedule is quite flexible, taking a one-way empty leg flight can help you save 70% of what it would typically cost you to fly private. Note that empty legs are often offered last-minute and may come with booking conditions, but they are usually offered at prices close to that of commercial airfares.

5. Choose "No-frills."

Yes, some luxury jet services have a no-frills option available for guests who just want to get from point A to point B without the delays and hassle of flying commercial. If you don't want – or can survive the flight without any of the "extras," ask the jet company if you can opt-out of the VIP services to save costs.

6. Always Compare Your Options

You compare prices when you book commercial; you should, too, when flying private. Private jets have come a long way in terms of access, and you can now compare prices and options available to you via apps and websites.

Discover The Benefits Of Private Jet Travel

Private jet travel offers you the luxury of skipping busy airports and long security lines. Also, you don't have to rush to the airport three hours early, only to wait for a few more hours at the boarding gates because of flight delays.

Instead, you get to board and land in cleaner and quieter terminals that are closer to your destinations. Also, you're allowed to drive up to the runway, so you don't have to drag your luggage for half a mile. You can even show up 15 minutes late just because you can.

From an onlooker’s perspective, private jet travel can be frivolous and excessive. However, as you begin to consider other factors such as time, comfort, and convenience, you’ll realize you just might be getting your money’s worth – maybe even more.


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