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Private tour in Thailand to explore the best travel places

Updated on December 7, 2011

Thailand is an awesome country with which I fell in love in recent times. It is a versatile country with rich Isaan heritage and culture on one side and mind blowing beaches and dense green forests on the other side. The north eastern region on Thailand is particularly very popular for its historical monuments, vintage architecture and national parks. The Isaan culture is predominantly seen in this part of the world which is why this place is also called as Isaan. I love one place in Northeast Thailand and that is the popular Ubon Rathchathani city in the Ubon province. The people here are friendly and you get to eat a variety of delicious cuisines. If you are planning to visit Thailand and northeast region in particular, I recommend opting for a private tour in Thailand as you would get a lifetime experiences on every moment spent there.

Green and Eco-friendly Ambiance

People who love nature and eco-friendly ambiance would surely be thrilled to visit Khao Yai national park. This is the second largest national park and is also the oldest one in the country. Khao Yai national park is also popular as being one of the beautiful parks in the world. I was really thrilled with the beauty and gorgeousness of the wide spread rain forests and scenic greenery everywhere. Phu Kradueng National park is another beautiful park which needs your attention. If you start visiting these awesome national parks you do not know where to stop. That is the beauty and charm of the greenish land of Thailand. Ubon candle festival is a beautiful event which is a delight to watch. With regular tourist packages you get very disappointed on missing several aspects of these beauty spots which is why I recommend a private tour in Thailand.

Historic monuments depicting Isaan culture

If you are a person interested in rich heritage and culture, Ubon Ratchathani is the best match. Ubon Ratchathani is a popular city on the northeast region of Thailand and depicts a great elegance of rich Isaan culture and heritage. All over the city you find historical monuments, oldest temples and religious abodes. Wat Ban Na Muang is an ancient temple which holds a great history. Wat Thung Si Muang is another famous temple which hosts the famous Tripitaka library. The famous angular chedi, resembling the Buddha Stupa in india can be found here in Wat Nong Bua park. There are hundreds of other places around Ubon wherein you need to stop for a while have the glimpse of these amazing sculptural architecture and without opting for a private tour in Thailand, you would lose a great deal.

Private tour in Thailand

This is just a glimpse of the awesome splendor of Thailand and northeast region in particular. While visiting this wonderful region, it is not easy to design your tour diary in the perfect manner and you need a professional and efficient travel agency like TravelIsaan who can customize your touring schedule. While traveling with strangers in a normal travel package you get a prescheduled program like 10 minutes for coffee, 20 minutes for lunch or 5 minutes to see a particular temple. However, with such a vast area of beauty and magnificence everywhere, you cannot enjoy the tour to the fullest and I definitely recommend opting for a private tour in Thailand to explore these amazing wonders.


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