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Pros and cons of living in Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated on February 19, 2013
Copenhagen rooftops
Copenhagen rooftops | Source

What is Copenhagen?

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, is placed in Northern Europe.
Denmark is also a part of Scandinavia and the nordic countries.
The population of Copenhagen (urban + outer area) is almost 2 million people, and therefore Copenhagen is the home of more than 1/3 of the countries population.
The city is known for different things, but mostly for Hans Christian Andersen and the little mermaid.

The weather in Copenhagen is normally around 20-30 degrees in the summer, leaving in the best season of the year to visit. In winter it can easily get down to -15 degrees, but the normal winter temperature is between -5 and +5.

Living in Copenhagen/Denmark, compared to most of the world, will forever be a privileged thing since it is a good, stable and happy country.
Personally I like living here, at least most of the time (except winters), but it can be hard to know what living is like in different countries.
So here are my Pros and Cons of living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Nyhavn" in Copenhagen
"Nyhavn" in Copenhagen

Pros of living in Copenhagen

The weather in summer
The weather in the summer is nice and average. There is the risk of too much rain, but in general I think the weather is very well in the summer months (late may to early september mostly).

If you are not too keen on too hot weather, then summers in Copenhagen will be for you, averaging around 20-25 degrees Celsius (68 degrees fahrenheit to 77 degrees fahrenheit)

Health benefits
As you will be able to read about in the "Cons" section, taxes in Denmark are high.
But that means free health benefits, free doctors and free dentist until the age of 18 (including braces)

Every danish student over the age of 18, studying on an approved education will be able to get study money, which comes out to around 450$ a month if you live at home, and around 850$ a month if you live on our own (these numbers are after taxes and only applies to the students over the age of 20)

Again, taxes are high in Denmark, but so are the salaries.
If you are under 18, you will normally get paid around 10$ an hour.
If you are over 18, and working an un-educated job, your salary is most likely to be around 18-25$ an hour.

Placement of the country
Despite the weather, Denmark is placed very well in the world.
Most european countries are pretty close by, making it cheap to go traveling out of the country.
If you live in Copenhagen you'll be able to go to Sweden in under 30 minutes.

Biking and health
Denmark is definitely loving the bikes, and especially Copenhagen.
Biking is easy, cheap, fast and healthy, and it has always been deemed one of the things that keep the people on Copenhagen thin and healthy (or at least healthier)

Around 4 years ago, Oprah went to Denmark and decided to name Denmark as the happiest country on earth. A lot of happiness indexes agreed with her on that one too.
No one in Denmark seems to know why danish people are the happiest, but living in the happiest country is not the worst thing to do.

Biking in Copenhagen
Biking in Copenhagen | Source
"Sluseholmen" in Copenhagen
"Sluseholmen" in Copenhagen | Source

Cons of living in Copenhagen

Scandinavian weather is rarely that fun, and winters in Denmark can get cold and snowy.
And this could be livable, if so many danish people weren't commuting by bike every single day.
Because biking in snow and -10 degrees celcius is no fun.
And with the weather being dark all morning and all of the afternoon and night, there is a pretty high amount of people suffering with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in Denmark.

Denmark is expensive. Food is expensive, shopping is expensive, drinking is expensive.
It is definitely not a place for budget travelers, and if you are used to the american prices, this one will be a shocker.

Taxes in Denmark are really high, but for a "normal" not-poor Dane, it is ranging at around 49-50% of what you earn.

It is really hard to find somewhere to live in Copenhagen.
And besides being hard to even find a place, it is even harder to find something that is remotely payable. This can be hard, since it is really exhausting to put a lot of time and money into finding a place, when you may not be able to.


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      5 years ago

      Very beautiful

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      sounds lovely


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