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Pueblos Of Puerto Rico-Part 17

Updated on January 8, 2015
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A Gringo who moved to Puerto Rico, Greg loves writing about the island he now resides on. He and Maria also wrote several bilingual books...

We are nearing the end of this virtual tour of Puerto Rico; it has been a very fun journey.

This will be the last one on the main island; there will be one more on two islands that are part of Puerto Rico.

Please read the whole series. If you are trying to figure out a vacation sight, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer. The food is wonderful and the people are very loving. Make your next vacation a Puerto Rico one. No passport is needed.

It just may be that this wonderful island South of Florida may become our 51st State. There is a vote on it planned later this year.

In this hub, we will be visiting the Southwest. Join Maggie and I on this last excursion on the main island of Puerto Rico and learn. Pictures are included.

Guanica Puerto Rico:
Guánica, Puerto Rico

get directions

Yauco Puerto Rico:
Yauco, Puerto Rico

get directions

Guayanilla Puerto Rico:
Guayanilla, 00656, Puerto Rico

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Penuelas Puerto Rico:
Peñuelas, Puerto Rico

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We started off near the Caribbean in the Pueblo of Guánica.

Guánica is known as Pueblo de la Amistad or The Village of Friendship. It does seem a very friendly place.

Guánica was founded in 1508 and it covers 53.42 square miles.

Guánica's mayor is Martín Vargas Morales and this is where United States forces first landed in the Spanish-American war.

Guánica is made up of 14 distinct barrios; they are:

  • Arena
  • Caño
  • Carenero
  • Ciénaga
  • Ensenada
  • Guanica Pueblo
  • Guaypao
  • Magueyes
  • Montalva
  • Susuá Baja
  • Belgica
  • Fuigs
  • Reparto Oasis
  • La Joya

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We drove North and somewhat East into a busy community. Yauco was holding a coffee festival and we spent a lot of time there just trying to get through the crowds.

Yauco is a very colorful Pueblo and it is known as El Pueblo del Café or The City of Coffee. Coffee is grown all over this Pueblo.

Yauco was founded in 1756 and the mayor is Abel Nazario Quiñones.

This Pueblo covers 68.8 square miles and there are 22 distinct barrios; they are:

  • Aguas Blancas
  • Algarrobo
  • Almácigo Alto
  • Almácigo Bajo
  • Barinas
  • Caimito
  • Collores
  • Diego Hernandez
  • Duey
  • Frailes
  • Jácana
  • Naranjo
  • Palomas
  • Quebradas
  • Ranchera
  • Río Prieto
  • Rubias
  • Sierra Alta
  • Susúa Alta
  • Susúa Baja
  • Vegas
  • Yauco Pueblo

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We drove out of Yauco back South and East towards the Caribbean Sea into Guayanilla.

Guayanilla was founded in 1833 and is known as La Villa de los Pescadores or Fishermen's Village.

Guayanilla's mayor is Hon. Edgardo Alequín Vélez and it covers 42.4 square miles.

Guayanilla is made up of 18 barrios; they are with populations:

  • Barrero (1,033)
  • Boca (1,263)
  • Cedro (14)
  • Consejo (883)
  • Guayanilla Pueblo (4,832)
  • Indios (2,339)
  • Jagua Pasto (162)
  • Jaguas (1,276)
  • Llano (841)
  • Macaná (1,446)
  • Magas (3,465)
  • Pasto (360)
  • Playa (1,317)
  • Quebrada Honda (446)
  • Quebradas (2,609)
  • Rufina (210)
  • Sierra Baja (576)

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Our last stop on this main island of Puerto Rico holds a bit of sadness for me. If you look through the pictures there is a mountain with a cross way at the top. It is where a young man leapt to his death and he holds a special place in my heart.

Peñuelas is known as El Valle de los Flamboyanes or The Valley of the Flamboyant Trees. A very beautiful tree that has magnificent flowers.

Peñuelas was founded in 1793 and it covers 53.06 square miles.

The mayor of this Pueblo is Walter Torres Maldonado and it is made up of 19 distinct barrios; they are:

  • Barreal
  • Coto
  • Cuevas
  • Encarnación
  • Jaguas
  • Macaná
  • Penuelas Pueblo
  • Quebrada Ceiba
  • Rucio
  • Santo Domingo
  • Tallaboa Alta
  • Tallaboa Poniente
  • Tallaboa Saliente
  • Caracoles 1
  • Caracoles 2
  • Caracoles 3
  • Belleza
  • Alturas 1
  • Alturas 2


This has been a blast. I would like to thank my lovely spouse, Maggie for helping me do these hubs.

With these I have been putting a piece from someone famous from one of the Pueblos. This one will have Tony Santos from Peñuelas.


© G.L. Boudonck

© 2012 Greg Boudonck


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    • profile image

      Maria Ruiz 

      6 years ago

      And I thank you for putting this wonderful island Puerto Rico in a special place in your heart. God bless you my dear husband.


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