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Pueblos Of Puerto Rico-Part 8

Updated on May 3, 2013
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A Gringo who moved to Puerto Rico, Greg loves writing about the island he now resides on. He and Maria also wrote several bilingual books...


I hope everyone has been enjoying the virtual tour I have been giving of my home in the Caribbean.

This is part 8 of visits to Pueblos of Puerto Rico.

I am sharing pictures I take and some information about each Pueblo.

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We are driving, stopping and sightseeing ourselves. There is so much beauty here in Puerto Rico, I believe God put a special blessing on this island.

If you get the chance, come see for yourself. Enjoy the 8th edition of Pueblos of Puerto Rico!

show route and directions
A markerArroyo,Puerto Rico -
Arroyo, Puerto Rico
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B markerGuayama,Puerto Rico -
Guayama, 00784, Puerto Rico
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C markerCayey,Puerto Rico -
Cayey, 00736, Puerto Rico
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D markerSalinas,Puerto Rico -
Salinas, Puerto Rico
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Our drive takes us South; down to the edges of the Caribbean. Our first Pueblo is Arroyo. A small but very beautiful Pueblo.

Arroyo is only 23 square miles and it was founded in 1855. It is very dry, almost desert conditions but fertile because of irrigation.

Arroyo's nickname is Pueblo Grato or People-Pleasing City.

The mayor is Hon. Basilio Figueroa de Jesús.

Arroyo is made up of 5 distinct barrios. They are:

  • Arroyo Pueblo
  • Ancones
  • La Palma
  • Pitahaya
  • Yaurel
  • Guásima

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We drove West along the magnificent Caribbean coastline. The day was very hot and dry. Seeing the ocean, I felt like a sailboat would be a fun experience at the time, but I had work to do. People want to see Puerto Rico.

We arrived in the Pueblo of Guayama.

Guayama was founded way back in 1736. It covers 81.37 square miles.

Guayama is known as El Pueblo de los Brujos or The People of the Sorcerers. I wonder how many Santeria live there?

Guayama's mayor is Glorimari Jaime Rodriguez.

Guayama is made up of 24 distinct barrios; They include:

  • Algarrobos
  • Barriada Marin
  • Caimital
  • Carite
  • Carmen
  • Barrio Guamani
  • Jobos
  • La Hacienda
  • Calimano
  • Las Mareas
  • Machete
  • Miramar
  • Mosquito
  • Pales Matos
  • Palmas
  • Pozo Hondo
  • Pozuelo
  • Santa Ana
  • San Martin
  • Vives
  • Olimpo
  • Corazón
  • Borinquen
  • Blondet

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The coast was very hot and dry. We decided a cool drive into the mountains would help. Up and up to Cayey we traveled.

Cayey is known as Ciudad de las Brumas or The City of Mists. It rains a lot!

Cayey was founded in 1773 and the mayor is Rolando Ortiz Velázquez.

The Pueblo covers 50.2 square miles and has 32 distinct barrios. They are:

  • Buena Vista
  • Beatriz
  • Cayey Pueblo
  • Cantera
  • Cenepo
  • Cedro
  • Cercadillo
  • Culebras Altas
  • Culebras Bajas
  • Cuba Libre
  • Farallón
  • Guavate
  • San Cristobal
  • Jájome Alto
  • Jájome Bajo
  • Lapa
  • La Ley
  • Matón Abajo
  • Matón Arriba
  • Mogote
  • Monte Llano
  • Pasto Viejo
  • Pedro Avila
  • Polvorin
  • Piedras
  • Quebrada Arriba
  • Rincón
  • Sumido
  • Toita
  • Villa Polilla
  • Vegas

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The last Pueblo of the day was back South to the coast.

Salinas has a high concentration of military since there is a training base there.

Salinas' nickname is El Pueblo del Mojo Isleño or The People of the Island Mojo.

This Pueblo was founded in 1851 and covers 69.7 square miles.

The mayor of Salinas is Hon. Carlos J. Rodríguez Mateo and it is made up of 8 distinct barrios. They are:

  • Aguirre (Aguirre Central, Coquí,San Felipe, Aguirre)
  • Lapa (Monte Grande, Coco,Parcelas Vasquez, Naranjo,Vertedero)
  • Palmas
  • Quebrada Yeguas (Bo. Plena)
  • Sabana Llana
  • Río Jueyes (Las 80)
  • Salinas Pueblo (Pueblo, Playa, Playita)
  • Las Mareas (Callete, Los Indios, Cayo Hondo)


I hope you enjoyed this trip.

I am adding a piece from one famous person from one of the Pueblos listed in these hubs from here on.

This edition features Plan B from Guayama. Enjoy!!!

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2012 Greg Boudonck


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