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Pueblos of Puerto Rico-Part 1

Updated on June 23, 2015
Froggy213 profile image

A Gringo who moved to Puerto Rico, Greg loves writing about the island he now resides on. He and Maria also wrote several bilingual books...

Canovanas,Puerto Rico:
Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

get directions

Loiza,Puerto Rico:
Loíza, Puerto Rico

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Rio Grande,Puerto Rico:
Rio Grande 00745, Puerto Rico

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Luquillo,Puerto Rico:
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

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Fajardo,Puerto Rico:
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Ceiba,Puerto Rico:
Ceiba 00735, Puerto Rico

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Many people have no idea what Puerto Rico is like or how it is set up. This beautiful island paradise has received a "bad rap" in many circles. I have heard there are tons of slums here and I have not seen anymore than any normal city in the United States. I have heard there is an over-population here, but as we drive I see vast expanses of land that is uninhabited.

The purpose of this series of hubs is to open peoples eyes to Puerto Rico. There is a pride here that you very seldom see in many other countries and the "Ricans" have every right to have that pride.

I will tell you of each pueblo (much like a county in each State) and tell you of the barrios in each one. We will travel to each one and take photographs. Keep in mind that most Puerto Rican pueblos were produced during the days of the Spaniards. I am taking pictures from the "town square" which every pueblo has. The courthouse or Alcaldila in Spanish is located on the square. There is always a Catholic church also.

Scroll down and learn about the first six pueblos we visited. Pictures are included.

Come travel with the Frog through Puerto Rico!




The name Canóvanas stands for brave people. It was founded in 1910. It has several nicknames which are: Brave People, Indian City, La Ciudad de las Carreras, and The People of the Chupacabras.

The mayor of Canóvanas is Honorable Joseph R. Soto Rivera (PNP)

There are five distinct barrios within Canóvanas. The area is 28 square miles. The population is broke down below:

  1. Canovanas (neighborhood) 21,825
  2. Cubuy 1.674
  3. Hato Puerco 7.361
  4. Lomas 5.402
  5. Torrecillas High 7.073

The hymn for Canóvanas is: Canóvanax
By Doris Jiménez Sandra Estrada

It's my hometown among peoples,
fixed bridge at the time looking to the future.
Defending fury over the centuries,
the seed of the Indian who refused to die.

Their children are rows of stars that adorn
the front of the warrior who gave his life to be:
Hernaiz, Mr. Arroyo, the kings of the basket
and the monster of this century that no one could be.

Carved stone and clay, copper skin and areyto
are the soul of a people who defended his story.
The children of the future will remember the Indian
that will live forever in his memory.

I look in the window of time, memories
a village of old wine in my heart
bells in the square, green fields and streets
rhythm of drums in immortal song.

And over the years is his story
cassava and maize remember bohiques.
Hammocks swaying in time past
and a bunch of stars capping a cacique.




Loiza is considered the Tradition Capital. It was founded in 1692. Loiza has 2 other "nicknames" besides the Tradition Capital; they are Santeros and The Coconut.

The mayor of Loiza is: Hon Eddie Manzo (PNP)

There are five distinct barrios within Loiza's 25 square miles. They are:

  1. Canovanas 7.699
  2. Loiza Pueblo 4.123
  3. High mediocrity 9.482
  4. Low mediocrity 8.911
  5. Torrecilla Baja 2.322

The hymn for Loiza is: Action Loiceños
By Lolita Cuevas

Loiceño in action
I left your footprint
in your tradition;
You have to honor your flag,
your heritage and exalting anthem.

Loiceño, you have to make
in time
the pride of your honor;
your vehemence
must find
divine light
horizons of the high seas.

United we go forward,
together in love and peace;
our history
is the hope
that our country
will succeed.

Cultivate your soil, is a treasure,
study and control
daughter who is worthy Loíza
people of love and peace.

Rio Grande


Rio Grande

Rio Grande's nickname is Ciudad del Yunque or in English the City of El Yunque. The Yunque is a rainforest that I wrote a hub not long ago about visiting.

Rio Grande was founded in 1840 and covers 61 square miles.

The mayor of Rio Grande is: Eduard Rivera Correa Hon (PPD).

Rio Grande has nine distinct barrios. They are:

  1. Alta Cienega 4.606
  2. Lower Swamp 18.220
  3. Guzmán Abajo 6.614
  4. Guzmán Arriba 928
  5. Blackburn 839
  6. Jiménez 2,903
  7. Mameyes II 2,919
  8. Rio Grande Pueblo 1,948
  9. Bush 13,385

The hymn for Rio Grande goes like this:

Between waves that play
Caribbean Sea near the end;
came a beautiful and fertile Islita
a lush garden

Here in Rio Grande de mis amores
its beautiful ladies are all love,
and their children are tender buds
that give the book its heart.

In this little island Puerto Rico
Columbus called to discover it;
There is always people flowery
nest that is my dream.

In the gentle breeze heights
filled the air with a pleasant odor;
and the sweet cane savanna
grows and spreads with great delicacy.

Village called Rio Grande
of pure beauty and unparalleled;
soft trills in their foliage
voice to proclaim their welfare.

If I did unfortunately fatal
go too far sometimes,
from other Lares at all hours,
Rio Grande always remember.

Río Grande, Puerto Rico
Río Grande, Puerto Rico

Bilingual book Lastheart and I put together in full color!





Luquillo is the Sun Capital. It was founded in 1797. Other nicknames for Luquillo are: The Rivera of Puerto Rico and The Cocos Come.

The mayor of Luquillo is: Hon Joseph "Nelo" González (PNP)

Luquillo covers 26 square miles and has six distinct barrios. Those barrios are:

  1. Juan Martín 966
  2. Luquillo Pueblo 1,353
  3. I Mameyes 2,383
  4. Mata de Platano 8,318
  5. Pitahaya 4,505
  6. Savannah 2,292

The hymn for Luquillo is: Alvira War by Don Carmelo

Along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean
near El Yunque, in a corner,
palm trees, very arrogant,
it was formed a population.

Luquillo call of my love
the town grew so;
straw huts of fishermen
transformed with the progress.

Its beautiful beaches and women,
Christian faith and tradition;
Completing the soul, bring pleasures
fond memories of the heart.
Beautiful landscapes, fields of flowers,
the sky clear sunlight
the people are colorful,
Ilena and soul with its glow.

When further we find,
in joy or in pain;
Luquillo mine always love you
and we love you with great love.




Fajardo was founded in 1760 and is known as The Cariduros. Its other nickname is: The Metropolis of the Rising Sun.

The mayor of Fajardo is: Aníbal Meléndez Rivera Hon (PNP)

Fajardo covers 31 square miles and has nine distinct barrios. They are:

  1. Cabezas 1,465
  2. Demajagua 1,094
  3. Fajardo Pueblo 17,864
  4. Florencio 4,225
  5. Orange 218
  6. Quebrada Fajardo 10,137
  7. Quebrada Vueltas 3,239
  8. Rio Arriba 1,545
  9. Sardine 925

The hymn for Fajardo goes like this:

Fajardo here in the east,
patient as a fisherman,
catch it on the horizon,
the first ray of sun.

Reflected in Sardinera
spread it around you
bring light to Borinquen
shining like a pin.

Chosen from heaven Fajardo
I want my little town
proudly tell you that you
Fajardeño all good.

So living in mountains
or on the beach Puerto Real.
Fajardo here in the east,
patient as a fisherman,
catch it on the horizon,
the first ray of sun.

Reflected in Sardinera
spread it around you
bring light to Borinquen
shining like a pin.


Ceiba tree
Ceiba tree


Ceiba is the Eat Soups city. It also has the nickname The City of Marlin too. It was founded in 1838 and sits on 27.5 square miles.

Ceiba was named after a native tree of Puerto Rico; a picture of a Ceiba tree is at the bottom right.

The mayor of Ceiba is: Gilberto Lex Camacho Hon (PPD)

There are eight distinct barrios in Ceiba. They are:

  1. People Ceiba 3,816
  2. Chupacallos 2,265
  3. Daguao 237
  4. Guayacan 3,242
  5. Males 4,186
  6. Quebrada Seca 1,568
  7. Downstream 871
  8. Bag 1,819

The hymn for Ceiba goes like this:

Ceiba ...
beautiful corner of my land
to you my life is nourished
and the sap of my veins
for you the mine ezperanza
flowers in my thinking.

And throw you proud
my voice to the four winds
Do not change your trees
fields or streams or
or the sun that gives life
or this piece of heaven
because it would remove
God in my thinking.

And for you dear Ceiba
I offer my whole life
protected by your shield
and hug your flag.


These are the first six pueblos that I have done. i will, in time, be doing all. Please keep track.

Puerto Rico is a great place and somewhere you should visit in the future.

Tomás Batista, the great sculptor was born in Luquillo. You can see his work below.

Sculptor- Tomas Batista
Sculptor- Tomas Batista

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2011 Greg Boudonck


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    • profile image

      carmen torres 

      7 years ago

      preciosa mi isla del encanto,,,,

    • Froggy213 profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Boudonck 

      8 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thanks both Filkman and my lovely wife!

    • profile image

      Maria Ruiz 

      8 years ago

      Very professional. Wow!!!! At last nice words of my beautiful Puerto Rico. Good pictures also.

    • Da Filkman profile image

      Da Filkman 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the tour! Most fascinating :)


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