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Reasons why you should go to Puerto Galera on a low season.

Updated on May 12, 2013

Puerto Galera is a municipality located in the north west part of Oriental Mindoro Province. It is known for its beaches and beautiful marine sanctuaries that are open for all tourists to explore and enjoy. It is one of the top beaches known in the Philippines as it boasts white sand.

There's no problem going to Puerto Galera in any time of the year. It's the same view, same features that you will get to see whether you go during vacation or holidays. But a trip is more fun if you experience it to the fullest, right? How can you make the most out of the trip if you are limited with the price of goods and services, have problems dealing with a crowd or can't have a chance to do other activities? In this article, I will show you the reasons why going to Puerto Galera in a low season is a good thing.

Puerto Galera:
Puerto Galera, Philippines

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Price Difference

Business is business. The price of goods and services is greatly influenced by a lot of factors such as the weather, the demand, the popularity and the season. Like any other beaches in the Philippines, Puerto Galera changes its standard price on accommodations, food and activities. During the high season, a regular boat rental can cost you PHP 2000-2500 (roughly $50 - $63). If you'll include scuba diving, fish feeding or snorkeling, the price will increase even more. The low season on Puerto Galera means that you can get discounts on boat rentals and associated activities.

Puerto Galera on a busy day
Puerto Galera on a busy day

The Crowd

The heat during the summer season is the sign that most people are waiting for. If you're already sweating while doing nothing, it's time to relax and cool yourself down by going to the beach. But if you will go there during the time that a lot of people are doing the same, you may have a bad time. In the worst case scenario, you won't enjoy the beach vacation that you have planned and have been waiting for.

If you are the type of person that loves to socialize or make new friends, a heavy crowd in Puerto Galera can be good for you. But if you just want to relax and unwind without the noise from people chatting and kids playing on the sand, the low season is the perfect time for you to schedule your trip.

Water Activities

A trip to any beach will never be complete without water activities. In Puerto Galera, a lot of water activities are offered to the tourists. If you just want to spend the afternoon playing in the water, you can call up your friends and make a group to ride the banana boat. For a relaxing afternoon, you can go fishing or sailing. If you want to work that body out, try to get a jet ski or kayak ride.

For the adventurous or people who wants to explore the natural beauty of the ocean, island hopping tours are offered. You can match them with fish feeding, scuba diving and snorkeling activities. But how can you enjoy the seemingly unlimited activities if you are in the queue with other tourists. We don't like waiting for too long, especially if you are following a schedule.

Food Service

Hotel owners offer breakfast with their accommodations price sometimes. For other hotels, it's something that you should plan out yourself. You wake up in the morning, maybe having headaches or still sleepy for staying up late the other day. Walking around the beach coastline looking for food can be hard if the store owners are still setting up. Though not all establishments are open early, some stores are open 24/7.

If you are in Puerto Galera, in a high season, expect that the restaurants are crowded during the regular meal times. Having lunch and dinner can be a hassle unless you decide to eat earlier or later than everybody else.


A vacation trip without a fun nightlife is like 'meh', unless you are going with your family, or your group does not care about nightlife. But in Puerto Galera, the colorful nightlife should not be missed. Every night, fire dancers and a lot of performers can be seen and heard across the wide coastline. You can opt to listen to singers to have a romantic or musical evening. Comedians can be heard performing their musical pieces and talent showcase in the different bars.

Chances are, you will try to watch these performers along with other tourists. For fire dancers that are in the sand, people are usually forming a thick circle around them. You have to squeeze yourself in, in order to have a good view or take a picture or video of them. You might also see a good comedian that you know, but the bar is full already. No more vacant tables for you to sit on. You can still watch them from afar, but there might be a lot of people passing by and obstruct your view.

The only problem in going to Puerto Galera in a low season is the season itself because it is usually colder. Depending on how you visualize a good vacation, you still might love to have the trip on the high season months of the year. But for most people, a vacation trip should be relaxing and hassle-free - things that a low season vacation offers.

It's a fact that most people cannot just leave work unless it is a holiday. But if given a chance, the low season can be a great time in order to make the most out of the vacation trip. The cheaper price standard and uncrowded beach coastline will definitely make them enjoy what Puerto Galera has to offer.


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      4 years ago

      This article would be a lot more useful if you said when low/high season is.


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