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Puerto Vallarta México

Updated on May 2, 2017

Travel Information - Where to stay, best restaurants, and things to do while you are in Puerto Vallarta.

By Sharon Stajda,

I have put together some good tips on where to stay, where to eat, what to do in Puerto Vallarta. Along with my personal travel highlights from my recent winter visit. Puerto Vallarta It will awaken your senses, and captivate your soul.. Puerto Vallarta Is a wonderful Mexican city that is fronted by the blue Pacific Ocean, and backed by the lush, green tropical Sierra Madre Mountains. The people are friendly and charming, always helpful and accommodating.

The minute you set foot in Puerto Vallarta, you will realize you have arrived at a truly beautiful, and unique place. The town itself is split mainly into two sections, Old Town, and Centro, both having their own special qualities. It's my recommendations if visiting Puerto Vallarta, make sure to take full advantage of both areas. They have distinctively separate charms. Centro being the newer part of town, It consists of a wonderful boardwalk, that stretches good length of the town, and continues down into the beach area of Old Town. At night you will find a large variety free entertainment, to include music, magic, fireworks, and lots more. Centro also has wonderful shops, and eateries. Not to mention the club's, that stays open until the last fun is had. Centro also has the town's Zocalo. (Town Square.) The Zocalo, is the area that as a rule is in the center of town, where locals gather to visit, and become acquainted. Old Town, being the older section of Puerto Vallarta is built up to the sand of the sea. It has a very relaxing feel, and gives way to some of the most romantic restaurants, and accommodations that one can find in Mexico. The local citizens refer to it as Zone Romantica. It truly lives up to its name.


You Won't Need A Car - Getting Around

Getting around Puerto Vallarta is easy, cabs are cheap, and in abundance. After you get your bearings, you may just want to walk. It's a very easy town to maneuver on foot. Plus walking will give you the chance to enjoy the wonderful sights, and sounds the town has to offer. Not to mention the ocean, and its wonderful breezes that will invigorate you.

The Fabulous Weather !

One of the constants of Puerto Vallarta is the weather. They have a winter season, where it literally does not rain, with a very low humidity, this combination lends to spectacular weather. It provides warmth in the sun, and cooling in the shade. The summer gives way to a rainy season, and hot steamy days, and nights. So the best time to visit is between November, and March. What to pack for your trip? Summer cloths will do for day time, and sleeves for evening. Make sure to pack that sweater, the nights can be fresh and cool at times.

What To Pack For Your Trip To Puerto Vallarta?

The tone is casual.... I always pack my Buxton Over The Shoulder Sling Bag, and a great pair of walking sandals. I love the comfort , and style of Ecco walking sandals.

Puerto Vallarta is a casual town. Bring comfortable shoes, there are cobblestone sidewalks in some areas. The weather is wonderful, so bring beach attire for the daytime. It's the kind of town you can live in your beach clothes, no one seems to notice? Bring a big beach bag, it helps to carry your shopping purchases. Plus, you may just want to bring a towel in your bag, you can swim just about anywhere. Remember PuertoVallarta is fronted by sea, and you rarely are far from a fabulous beach. At night if you like you can dress for dinner, It depends on where you will be dining. But I will say, the evening wear is pretty casual even in the upscale restaurants. Always pack a sweater or jacket with sleeves, It cools down wonderfully at night. Make sure to pack sun tan lotion. It's a must. With the dry air, you don't feel the sun and can burn easily.

Every winter my husband and I visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico...

We always love to try new restaurants, and have a few new adventures. This year we hired a private chef, spent a fun day on a luxury yacht, found a great new restaurant, "Boccon Di Vino" . I tried my hand at painting pottery at "Fireworks, what a fun day ! Plus if that's not enough , I found Lalo Morales... A merchant that creates one of a kind handbags!

Fireworks - Paint Your Own Pottery Studio



Next time you visit Puerto Vallarta, head over to 'Fireworks". Why not unleash the artist in you, and try your hand at painting pottery. This cheery pottery studio is the ideal place to grab a few friends and make a day of it. Fireworks is a great place to hold a " ladies day out " . Paint pottery, socialize, gossip, enjoy some lunch from the deli downstairs. Grab a glass of wine from the wine shop, also on the premises or a cup of coffee, and get to painting. Need an activity to do with a child? Bring them along to create a lasting memory of their vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

You get to select a favorite piece of pottery to paint, there are stencils, and paint and supplies available. Need a bit of help or inspiration, "Bea" the owner of Fireworks is always there to lend a helping hand.

After you have finished your "masterpiece" the piece will be fire, and you pick it up within four days. Everything is included in the price of your pottery, no hidden fees. All of our materials are non-toxic, and safe to use.

My friends and I loved pottery painting so much we returned to paint a second time. We all agreed we loved our fun day, and our creations.


Our Special Night With Chef Irving Vargas Gomez - This is a night my family and I will reminisce on when recalling the fun we had in Puerto Vallarta


What could be more elegant... and memorable than serving a one of-a-kind meal created just for you and your guests by a one of a kind chef. Irving prepared our 5 course dinner from the freshest local products with special emphasis on presentation and taste, and he created this lovely meal right in the kitchen of our Puerto Vallarta vacation condo .

Have you ever visited a grocery store in Puerto Vallarta? If so, did you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by everything being unfamiliar on the shelves? With your hectic vacation schedule wouldn't it be great to sit down to a wonderfully prepared meal, that was prepared by a well trained chef? It is also fun to be able to watch as the chef goes about preparing the meal in your own kitchen. Look no further: Irving could be your personal chef, he will help with planning the menu, purchasing the food, and preparing a meal you will not soon forget. stress-free answer to your family's grocery shopping and cooking needs.


A personal chef can help free up your vacation time, leave you loads of time to do all the other vacation must do's on your wish list. Some clients may just hope to create a very memorable evening right in the setting of their personal vacation rental. Sometimes one can simply be tired of restaurant or take-out food, and long for a good home cooked meal.

First Course - Mango Shrimp - Please enjoy the photos of the Five Course meal that chef Irving prepared for my sons Birthday dinner on my last visit to PV.


Second Course - Cream Of Mushroom Soup


Third Course - Coconut Chicken With Ginger Mole Sauce


Fourth Course - Eggplant Bolognese Sauce


Fifth Course - Seared Tuna With Cream Shrimp Sweet Potato Puree


Please Visit My Article "Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Reviews"


If you are going to be visiting Puerto Vallarta please stop in at my newest Hubpage "Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Reviews".

My husband, and I eat out most every night while in Puerto Vallarta. We both agree that Puerto Vallarta has some of the best eateries in the world. The restaurants are wonderful, offering great food, music, and superb atmosphere. You just can't help but have a fun night out...

So, if you are going to Puerto Vallarta, I hope you will choose a couple of my favorite restaurants. If you have eaten in any of my favorite eateries, please take time and share your review.

Dining In Puerto Vallarta

Dinning is wonderful in Puerto Vallarta. There are a wide variety of restaurants. You absolutely can't go wrong when choosing a restaurant. It would be hard for me to recommend one restaurant over another. I do have my favorites though. One is Bravos in old town a few blocks from the beach. The staff is wonderful, and the owner always make sure his guests have an unforgettable dining experiences . Another favorite eatery I can highly recommend is La Palapas, located on the beach in Old Town. La Palapas is an upscale restaurant, again romantic and elegant, with a wide selection of food to choose from. This eatery offers up wonderful soft live music, nightly. My husband and I have a tradition; we love to spend our last night dining at atop the quaint Hotel La Siesta Hotel, at the hotels Panorama restaurant. The hotel is located in Gringo Gulch, and no better "view" can be found in Puerto Vallarta. It offers a 360 degree view of the bay, and town lights.

This outstanding restaurant was architecturally designed with an Arabic flavor and marble floors. Its elegant dining atmosphere is enhanced by strolling entertainers, for the dinners to enjoy. The food at the Panorama restaurant is excellent; many dishes are prepared right at your table side. If you dine around 9:30 PM you be able to enjoy the fireworks that are displayed off the Buccaneer Ship in Banderas Bay. It is a spectacular! Add the Sunset, the fresh night air, the delicious food, down to to the glorious fireworks. It all adds up to an evening you won't soon forget. Puerto Vallarta. it awakens the senses, and its beauty and charm is sure to captivate the soul. Once you have visited the Bay it will beckon you back, time and time again.

Boccon Di Vino !

New Restaurants - You won't want to miss Boccon di Vino - The Best Italian Restaurant In Puerto Vallarta... - Now That's Italian !


Boccon Di Vino

My husband and I have been visiting Puerto Vallarta for over twenty years. We have always found most of the restaurants there very good , and of course we have a few favorites. Well, we just found a new favorite The name of the restaurant is " Boccon Di Vino". The head chef 'Gaetano Fernandez' is from Italy, and you can taste the love he puts into the preparation of his authentic Italian dishes. Everything is made from scratch, to include the sauces, pastas, bread, and fabulous desserts. The food is "to die for" ! It's decorated to puts you in mind of the Trattorias that can be found just off the Piazza Navona, in Rome. The atmosphere is pleasant, comfortable, and well appointed. I must also add the cost of a dinner is very affordable.

The staff at Boccon di Vino are friendly, proficient, and one can see they making sure that their customers dining experience is pleasant and enjoyable. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised to receive a complimentary after - dinner drink of homemade Limon cello. We both agreed - this is our new favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, please make sure to dine at Boccon di Vino Trattoria. You may just find, you now have a new favorite Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Prices - inexpensive to moderate

Boccon di Vino is located :

Basillio Badilio 317- 1A Col. Emiliano Zapata

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Jalisco

  • Le Kliff...

    This is a beautiful restaurant, that is about 10 minutes south of town. The ride will give you a chance to see the gold zone. You won't find any more spectacular views in Puerto Vallarta. Le Kliffs hangs out over the a bluff , and has the most wonderful sun sets. The food is wonderful. It's a very romantic setting. Just the place to pop the question, and return the following year and book your wedding at the Kliffs. Remember PV is known for its endless sunny days. Makes it a wonderful place to plan that special day.

  • Restaurante Barcelona Tapas Restaurant...

    This is a great place if you love tapas. You feel as if you are in Barcelona. It is set high on the hill in The Centro part of town. If I made up the hill, you will. It's worth the hike. The view of the sea is wonderful. They serve dinner only. So please don't hike up that hill for lunch... Try the freshly made sangria. It's so-- good.

  • La Palapa...

    This restaurant is one of my favorite. It is located on the beach in Old Town. Its elegant, the food is superb, the staff wonderful. The soft live music... Must I say more.

  • Archies Wok...

    If you love Asian food, please do yourself a favor, and eat at Archie's Wok. Wonderful food, atmosphere, and live easy listening music.

    Archie's is in Old Town.

  • Melissa's

    Has Wonderful seafood, and local Mexican food. Inexpensive, Quaint atmosphere, wonderful staff, all and all I give this one five stars, and a must try restaurant Located in Centro are. Address: Josefa O.De Dominguez No. 223

Love To Shop? Check out my to new favorite shops in PV

Lalo Morales

You have to stop in at "Lalo's" and check out the most fabulous handbags in town!

Sigi Contreras... The most fab jewelry in town!

Lalo Morales Boutique and Design . Fantastico ! This wonderful Boutique Offers Unique Items All Handcrafted in Mexico


Shopping In PV

Shop Til You Drop !

If you are a shopper, you will enjoy a large variety of shops Vallarta has to offer. One such store, "The Tile Factory" makes hand-painted unique Mexican tiles. On any given day you can stop in and watch tiles be painted by the stores artists. You may just want to buy a few. They are very inexpensive and make wonderful colorful sturdy coasters.

While in Puerto Vallarta one can always find wonderful shops with handcrafted goods.... However," Lalo Morales Boutique " is a cut above most shops you will find in Puerto Vallarta. "Lalo's" have Lampshades, and handbags that are so wonderful that you may be very tempted to use them as art, instead of what they were created to be used for .. The Lalo Morales Boutique and the Lalo Morales Design (Gallery) are both located in Old Town Vallarta.

Lalo Morales is a fair trade company, with items prices as low $30 pesos, and higher. The owner is friendly, and even if you are not able to buy, he invites you to come in and chat - and have a closer look at all the wonderful handmade goods.

Located at Basilio Badillo 242 & 235 on the south side of Puerto Vallarta, Lalo Morales Boutique and Lalo Morales Design are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Lalo Morales - One Shop You Don't Want To Miss While In Puerto Vallarta "Lalo Morales" is a must stop for the fashion minded woman... The handmade handbags are


Shopping in Puerto Vallarta--- Its Great

There are so many options ....

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta is wonderful. You can find all kinds of wonderful things to buy. Weather you want to spend a little or a lot... You will find Puerto Vallarta a great place to spend some time shopping!

Just Need some Souvenirs

For the person that just wants to spend a bit of cash, visit the Flea Market. They have low prices, plus it's fine to bargain. The Street vendors, and beach vendors also bargain, so don't be afraid to say no to the first few prices offered.

Oh The Silver

You will find silver galore... It's sold by weight, and you can get some wonderful unique pieces.

Take time to Visit The Glass Factory.

You will find not only wonderful glass item's, but they also have great silver art pieces.Its right in town, and very easy to walk to.

The Tile Factory-- Is right next to the Glass Factory. Stop in and watch the tiles being hand painted. You can find the most unique wash bowls there, and much more. They ship, and small items are packed for the trip home.


This is a shop for the lady that wants to cut to the chase... The good stuff. You will find Viva in the heart of Old Town, on Restaurant Row (Basilio Badillo). This store is up scale, and just the place to take your gentleman to buy you that special Souvenir, and or Souvenirs.

Old Town

Old Town is minutes from Puerto Vallarta Centro. This part of town is the best to head for if you are a serious shopper. You will find loads of one of a kind art, jewelry, clothing, and home accessories.

The Department Store Lans

Lans is what is offered in the way of a department store. If you need a good brand of cosmetic, perfume, sunglasses, you might want to go Lans. To put it kindly, It's not the department store you would find in the states...

Hotel Hacienda Alemana and Restaurant - An oldie but goodie...


Hotel Hacienda Alemana

Hotel Hacienda Alemana is a great adult vacation spot and a corporate retreat located in Puerto Vallarta, romantic area. Our hotel is is walking distance from the Malecon, and just minutes from Downtown Puerto Vallarta's captivating attractions, beaches, activities, and landmarks. The German food is fabulous, and the staff is wonderful. Don't miss a night out at Alemana"s. The courtyard dining is special, and the owner always takes time to get to know you.


Canopy Tours de los Veranos... It's a Must Try While In Puerto Vallarta

While recently in Puerto Vallarta Mexico I had the pleasure of taking Canopy Tour. I found the experience one of the most exciting have ever had in Puerto Vallarta. Canopy Tours de los Veranos, offers an adventure for fun loving travelers, that will exhilarate you beyond belief. Canopy Tours de los Veranos is just thirty minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, Las Juntas de los Veranos is an ecological preserve. You'll find an amazing array of Mexico's indigenous jungle flora and fauna, and have the time of your life, traveling over all this beauty on a zip line. It was such a thrill, zipping through the treetops at speeds of up to 30 mph!

As you are zipping through the jungle canopy, you can't help but take in the wonderful sights and sounds of the magnificent tropical environment below... You will be riding on a total of 14 cables, designed to gradually take you higher, and faster - until the final cable shoots you right over the rapids to your final distention, a traditional Mexican palapa bar!

So - you are "a little less adventurous" don't worry, you can spend your time enjoying the water slides, and swimming on the breathtakingly beautiful Orquidias River or shopping at the tiendita or just sitting back and enjoying a delicious Mexican meal, at Pancho's Last Resort Restaurant. Love Tequila? Take time to sampling some of the 80 different kinds of Tequila at the palapa bar.

There is also a charming zoo, so take time to interacting with the exotic animals. Which including a squirrel monkey, deer, Burmese Python, tarantulas, toucans, and everybody's favorite, Cancun the Cat. Don't worry, the zoo is housed in a fun and safe environment.

No matter which activity you choose on your visit to Los Veranos ecological preserve? I can assure you will have a great day.

The expert guides and friendly staff go to make the day a safe, and very enjoyable. Put Canopy Tours de los Veranos, at the top of your must do list while in Puerto Vallarta. Make sure to bring your camera.

Sunsets Are so beautiful in Puerto Vallarta...

Sunsets Are so beautiful in Puerto Vallarta...
Sunsets Are so beautiful in Puerto Vallarta... | Source

When The Sun Goes Down---

Things Can Get Hotter....

Puerto Vallarta has great nightlife!I am going to be giving you just a few must night spots you won't want to miss.

The Zoo !

This is a nightclub for the wild at heart...

Located in Centro

La Bodeguita Del Medio--

This is a lively Cuban Club. This is frequented by the young at heart... They have live Cuban music nightly, and the best Mojitos! The tango is the dance of choice in this bar. It is so much fun. My husband and I love to stop in the late morning, for an eye opener. It's right on the sea, sunsets fabulous! Located in Centro


You have to do Andales. Its a must night of rowdy fun. Dancing and singing to great old and new music. Not to mention Andale's signature song "Alice". Andales is in the heart of Old Town

Senior Frog

Do I have to say anything about this classic spring break club.

Club Mandala

Club Mandala
Club Mandala | Source

Where To Stay In Puerto Vallarta

Where to stay, this will depend on what kind of accommodation you desire? Puerto Vallarta offers a wide variety of accommodations, from large chain hotels, to luxury condo and villa rentals. You can also find wonderful smaller charming hotels. I always recommend one turn to the Internet, where you can research all options. My husband and I have made Puerto Vallarta a yearly destination for some years or more. If we stay in town, we prefer Old Town, and renting a condo on the beach. If we stay a bit out of town, we love south of town. It provides some of the most spectacular views, and sunsets one will ever see. As a rule both areas are a step above, when it comes to charm, and relaxation. The hotel zone has the larger chain hotels, and they are geared toward activity. I find the hotel zone a bit over stimulating. I think this is due to the multitude of people that are under one roof? There are also adult friendly hotels. Price will vary; you can find wonderful inexpensive accommodations, along with very high end spa hotels.

I have actually toured many of the smaller hotels in Old Town that were downright cheap. I've found that the staff goes out of their way to accommodate their guests. The rooms are pleasantly decorated, and very clean with lots of Mexican flair. One such hotel is Torre De Oro. Hotel Torre De Ore is located a short block from the beach in Old Town. This hotel is very clean, and has an authentic old Mexican flair. Most rooms have ocean views, and small kitchenettes

The beaches are a plenty, vendors are abound, but they are not overly aggressive, and you can actually pick up some wonderful deals. Don't miss spending a day on the beach in Old Town. It has an energy all its own.

If you have opted to stay south of town, I can recommend is an all-inclusive spa hotel, the Intercontinental El Presidente, this wonderful small boutique hotel is locate in the Gold Zone south of town. The rooms are large and well appointed. The beach is secluded and very nice, with light soft sand, and very private. This Hotel is approximately 15 minutes from town. One can take the bus very cheaply, or simply take a cab from the front door.

Need A Doctor in Puerto vallarta... Would prefer the Doctor come to you?

Intermedica Medical Group --24 hour Medical Care. We Make Housecalls...

There is good medical service in Puerto Vallarta.

The fee is $100.00 for a house call. Naturally if medications are needed a prescription will be written. There are many local Pharmacies available to fill prescriptions.

Web Site;

Intermedica Medical Group

Lucerna 148 Col. Versalles

Puerto Vallarta.

General Physician

Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez

Telephone number 044-322-135-5050

For 24 hour emergency care

Please call Telephone number 225-5757(This telephone number will ring to cell phone on call.

Puerto Vallarta Weather Is Perfect!

Temperatures Fahrenheit Highs and Lows

January 77 - 79 Low 62 - 67

February 77 - 80 Low 60 - 65

March 75 - 82 Low 60 - 65

April 79 - 84 Low 63 - 67

May 82 - 88 Low 66 - 70

June 84 - 90 Low 67 - 72

July 87 - 92 Low 73 - 79

August 90 - 95 Low 74 - 80

September 90 - 95 Low 76 - 80

October 85 - 91 Low 74 - 79

November 83 - 87 Low 65 - 70

December 79 - 84 Low 65 - 70

Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It ! Get all the latest news on Puerto vallarta....


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      Sharon Stajda 5 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      @anonymous: Hi Randell,

      I can highly recommend Puerto Vallarta as a wonderful retirement destination. Over the past twenty some years my husband and I have made many friends, Americans as well as Canadians that have retired in PV, and are loving it ! We are retired now, and we spend our winters in PV.

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      [Nice to heard so many people interested in our lovely town of Puerto Vallarta, if any of you need advice on where to stay on your next vacation in our town please visit us at we have over 150 properties all around the bay with many different budgets that will accommodate to any body.]

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      An almost complete A-Z list Santorini hotels, with hotel reviews and photos is waiting for you to check it out, when you got time!

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      Hey Shar, the place looks beautiful. 5*

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