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Putin's Clever Ploy to Loot the Ukraine

Updated on September 8, 2014

Of course, the West knows that they cannot trust Putin, yet, they continue to fall prey to his subversion tactics. First, there was the Crimea, that he retook without firing a shot via mysterious men in green uniforms, which turned out to be Russian troops and special forces. Despite all the hollow threats from the West, Putin simply plowed ahead and got what he wanted-Crimea. Brilliant tactics.

More recently, there was the mysterious 280 aid trucks that arrived on the border of the Ukraine and said to contain relief supplies and food for the Ukrainians as a humanitarian effort approved by the Red Cross. The funny thing was, the Red Cross, knew little about it and there was never a list of what was being sent. All of the trucks were painted white in a rushed manner because of the military markings showed through. To dispel suspicion, the BBC was allowed to look inside many of the trucks. Sure, many of the trucks had supplies but none were full of them. BBC reporters noticed that many were empty or near that. Before the inspection, many thought the trucks would contain weapons, yet, none were found.

The amount of actual supplies in the trucks could have carried in just 130 trucks fully loaded, so, exactly was Putin up to ? Why send partially filled trucks hundreds of miles from Moscow? Why did the Red Cross know little about this aid?

On August 17, part of the convoy suddenly crossed the border without Ukrainian permission and seemed to vanish until the same trucks showed up at three key industrial complexes in the Eastern Ukraine: Topaz, Lugansk and Motor Sich. Eyewitnesses and photographic evidences shows these trucks were there to loot highly sensitive equipment made in the Ukraine. The Motor Sich plant made key parts to Russian aircraft and was the only plant making them. The Topaz site make sensitive electronic equipment for Russian military and Lugansk made small arms ammunition.

Putin simply did not want to leave the key machinery and technology in the Ukraine, so he stole it. Now, Russian forces have pretty much grabbed the part of the Ukraine Putin really wants-the industrial complexes.

So, why not have a peace agreement? LOL, OMG! You must hand it to Putin, he is sly and fools the West often. The question is: what is next?

Will he try to see how far he can push NATO before NATO acts? That seems to be his game.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Perhaps, Putin only wants the eastern part of the Ukraine because of its industrial base, which would explain how eager he is to present peace terms. The guy is wily as a fox.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 3 years ago from Northern Germany

      Excuse me, my info on Motor Sich is based on personal business relations. Motor Sich is a customer of the company i work for, and yes, this business relations is about Aerospace equipment. So i certainly know what they do and what they don´t do from personal experience.

      This is why i only commented on the Motor Sich issue, and i certainly can´t say much about the other locations. However, understanding how twisted information is on the Motor Sich issue, i have my doubts on the other so called proof.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      I suppose if one is pro-Russia, that kind of argument is justified. Anyone with sense could see the trucks that the BBC saw were either empty or half full and even Jane's estimated that sending 280 trucks was too many for what aid was sent. As to their return, I do recall a news blurb that may trucks were seen returning and nobody knows what was in them until those in the three cited areas went back and found things missing after seeing the trucks in the area.I think your info about what Motor Sich made is incorrect and just propaganda from the other side.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 3 years ago from Northern Germany

      "The Motor Sich plant made key parts to Russian aircraft and was the only plant making them."

      Seems to be a good example of how a little bit of true information: "Motor Sich .. aircraft components" is turned into false conspiracy plot ammunition.

      Motor Sich is located in Zaporozhye, far away from the Eastern Ukraine. They do have a subsidary in the Donezk region (under control of separatists). But that subsidary is manufacturing everything else: hand operated meat grinders, steam boilers, lawn mowers. But certainly no aircraft equipment. May be meat grinders are on shortage in Russia?

      By the way, if it is so interesting to count half full and empty trucks, why is there little info about the return of the trucks to Russia? Not interesting any more? Doesn´t fit the picture? May be you can enlighten us.