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Queen Creek Olive Mill,Welcome To The Diamond In The Desert

Updated on November 12, 2014

Queen Creek Olive Mill

The Olive Mill In Queen Creek Arizona.
The Olive Mill In Queen Creek Arizona. | Source


Is It Possible To Make Olive Oil In The Desert?

Through dedication and hard work the answer is yes! Queen Creek Olive Mill is a unique agri-tourism retreat located in Arizona.

The Olive Mill is a family owned company that grows and presses olives to produce homemade extra virgin olive oils, in the process tour guides offers a creative shopping occasion in the gourmet venue.

The owner is a Master Taster and Certified Sommelier of Olive Oil who guides the harvesting and pressing of the olive and blends the oil to make their signature extra olive oils.

This article is all about The Olive Mill In Arizona.

Debbie Elder Manager Of Tours and Events

Debbie Elder Manager Of Tours and Events.
Debbie Elder Manager Of Tours and Events. | Source

A Warm A Friendly Atmosphere Fills The Air.

Meet Debbie Elder manager of tours and events. Debbie's enthusiastic love for unique products that the olive mill has to offer helps to promote an unforgettable experience for visitors who come in from all across the country. "Our tour event which consist of the Olive Oil 101 tour educates our guest about our olive mill." Debbie shares.

In addition information on how to use the olive mill products and the benefits of using olive oil is discussed during the tour.

A walk-in tour every hour is available, group tour packages which includes breakfast or lunch are available for groups of 8 or more, corporate functions, events and catering is also offered at the Olive Mill. The Olive Mill's annual festivals and daily product tasting as well as a weekly wine tasting is a favorable attraction.

Natalie The Veteran Tour Guide Stands Next To The Original Olive Press

The Olive Press
The Olive Press | Source

The Olive Oil Tour.

The tour is directed By Natalie a veteran of the olive mill. Natalie educates her guest on the process used to make extra virgin olive oil. Natalie explains that in order to produce genuine extra olive oil the olives are grown and pressed from blossom to the bottle.

Wow! Now That's An Olive Press!


Our guide leads us to the latest edition a huge olive press flown in from Turkey. This new press is designed to produce plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

Meet The Restaurant Manager Troy Thivierg

Restaurant Manager Troy Thivierge.
Restaurant Manager Troy Thivierge. | Source

Meet The Restaurant Manager Troy Thivierge

After the tour guest work up an appetite. The restaurant manager Troy Thivierge makes sure that guest are well fed as he oversees an impressive Mediterranean Café which features the owners family recipes.

The Rea's delightful eatery has so much to offer. Fresh gourmet sandwiches and grilled Panini, made-from-scratch, soups & salads, Arizona-style artisan pizza, Gelato & Sorbetto, House wines and local draft beer including signature cocktails, Cannoli and Fresh-baked EVOO cupcakes.

Fresh-baked EVOO cupcakes

Fresh baked EVOO Cupcakes at the Olive Mill
Fresh baked EVOO Cupcakes at the Olive Mill | Source

Wine Enthusiast Louise

Photo of Wine Enthusiast Louise.
Photo of Wine Enthusiast Louise. | Source

Louise is one of the Olive Mills wine enthusiast.

Meet one of the the Olive Mill's knowledgeable wine enthusiast. Louise shares her insight on the different textures of wine as she educates the guest on the extensive selection offered by the Olive Mill.

Their is also a wine tasting scheduled during specific times featuring different flavors and textures of wine.

Louise's encourages those who are looking for a wine that suites their palate to practice the following steps:

  • Enjoy your wine with a delightful meal.
  • Identify Flavors that you prefer.
  • Observe the texture and body.

Mr. And Mrs. Rea

Photo of Mr. And Mrs. Rea. Owners of The Olive Mill and Queen Creek Arizona
Photo of Mr. And Mrs. Rea. Owners of The Olive Mill and Queen Creek Arizona | Source

The Olive Mill Has So Much To Offer!

Through hard work and dedication the Rea family has produced an enjoyable Olive Mill experience in Arizona which is well worth the visit. There is so much more to experience such as balsamic vinegars, stuffed olives, and tapenades, locally made EVOO bath and body products, fresh artisan bread, branded apparel, and so much more.

John Rea

Photo of John Rea. Like father like son.
Photo of John Rea. Like father like son. | Source

It's A Family Affair.

John hopes to follow in his Dad's footsteps someday as he diligently observes the skills and techniques of his older siblings who spent time working at the Olive Mill as well.

"When I turned sixteen I wanted to work here too. I would love to do what my dad does someday!" John shares.

The Rea Family shows no signs of slowing down, as they have opened a new location in Tucson Arizona.

Maintaining a successful business which brings rich culture to our environment is a blessing.

The Queen Creek Olive Mill Is in a unique league of its own.

Emunah La-Paz

The Olive Mill

A marker25062 S Meridian Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142 -
25062 South Meridian Road, Queen Creek Olive Mill, Queen Creek, AZ 85142, USA
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The Olive Mill In Queen Creek Arizona

The Olive Mill

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