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Tyre,Queen of the Sea

Updated on January 19, 2010

Ancient Map of Tyre

Part of the Empire known as Asia Minor
Part of the Empire known as Asia Minor

Map of Tyre

This is but a small portion of a Great Empire
This is but a small portion of a Great Empire

Trye Queen of the Sea

A Little History of the City of Tyre

The city of Tyre has a very colorful and lengthy history. It is a port city located on the eastern side of the Mediteranean Sea.The famous Phoenician traders and their age old port cities of Tyre and Sidon stood as monuments to centuries of 'barter of trade and exchange'. This was your textbook booming economy, boasting of every benefit, technology and luxury affluence could afford. It had diversity in its products range, guarantied markets, established and time proven infrastructure, geographical superiority, and military might. It had a broad customer base, productive labor force, limited government, strategic alliances, high inventories, and high margins of safety.

Yet these famous Phoenician trading cities, that had been for many centuries, the then world "success stories"; that had outlasted kingdoms, rulers and civilizations, eventually fell.

It was the same writer, a young Hebrew priest and prophet called Ezekiel that, while living in Babylonian captivity, spoke about the fall of Tyre. He eluded to the reason why that great center of commerce and trade, that had every thing going for it, would ultimately fail.

Port cities have long been known as the tradecenters of the world and by that, became cutting edge societies where wealth would be made or exchanged by trade and commerce.

These cities being built by the ancient civilizations were the thriving places that many people would dream a lifetime about migrating to, because of the lifestyle and the beauty of the seaview they provided.

Earlier history records Alexander III of Macedon known as Alexander the Great, a conqueror and explorer in that era during one of many campaigns ruled over this part of the East.

As a young lad in Greece Alexander III was tutored by the great philosopher Aristotle. Later in his life he rose up through the ranks to succeed his father Phillip II a King, but his reign was short lived it is said. The cultural impact of Alexander's conquests lasted for many centuries. He was known widely for being a masterful tactition in many countries throughout the eastern continent. It has been said that his desires were to reach the ends of the earth and to explore the Outer Sea. He also considered himself successor to King Darius.

During his quest he spent time in Tyre and Sidon I imagine because of it's beauty and location among many other reasons.

Below is a series of video that describe the siege of Sidon and Tyre by the famous King.

The Siege of Tyre in 332 BC

Someday I hope to visit the Island known as the Queen of the Sea!

I would also like to visit the original Holy Land in my future adventures!

Maybe travel the footsteps of Alexander the Great.

I hope you have enjoyed this hub and that it has stimulated your curiosity to explore more history of this unique geographical wonder. Thanks for reading.


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