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JFK AIRPORT--Facts About JFK International Airport, New York

Updated on February 23, 2014
JFK Airport--aircraft maintenance
JFK Airport--aircraft maintenance | Source

JFK International Airport, New York--History

  • JFK airport was constructed by the City of New York in 1947 on a tide marshland at Idlewild Golf Course. Though the planned size was approximately 1,000 acres, this eventually increased to around 5,000 acres by the time the airport was completed in July of 1948.
  • The airport was officially dedicated to John F. Kennedy on December 24, 1963 in memory of his assassination.
  • JFK airport is currently the busiest airport in the United States with over 85 airlines operating from its terminals, and a daily passenger traffic of around 160,000 people.
  • The airport is owned by the New York and New Jersey Port Authority under a lease agreement with the City of New York. This lease, which has been in effect since June 1, 1947 and ends in the year 2050, also gives the Port Authority operation rights to the La Guardia airport.
  • There was a big debate on what name to give the airport with Mayor La Guardia insisting that it be called Idlewild Airport. This was finally resolved on the death of President Kennedy.
  • The Idlewild name was not really official as the real name was actually New York International Airport- Anderson Field.

Did You Know?

  • Jamaica Bay was originally known as "Yameco" in the Native American language of Lenape. The word was corrupted by the early Dutch immigrants who pronounced the "Y" as a "J" and after repeated use the name became "Jamaica"
  • JFK Airport was unofficially called Idlewild Airport after a proposed golf resort, but the official name was New York International Airport -Anderson Field and was renamed to the present name as a dedication to President Kennedy who was slain in 1963.
  • About 49 million people passed through JFK airport in the year 2012.
  • The whole of the cargo area is a Free Trade Zone

Other facts about JFK international Airport

  • JFK International Airport is located on Jamaica Bay, 15 miles from down-town Manhattan on the South-eastern part of Queens County.
  • Transport from JFK International Airport is supported AirTrain light-rail service which connects the Long Island Rail and New York City subway. It also connects various facilities within the airport such as terminals, hotels and parking bays.
  • The air traffic control is a 320 foot tower that has the best communications and radar equipment anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-level and surface parking lots can accommodate over 14,000 cars at any one time and are located at the Central Terminal Area.
  • The combined total length of the runways and taxiways is 34 miles.
  • JFK Interanational airport address is : Jamaica, New York, NY 11430, United States, (718) 244-4444
  • JFK Airport Terminal 1 is capable of handling all sizes of aircraft and has automatic jet bridges that are capable of handling both arrivals and departures
  • Terminal 1 is billed to be the newest and most efficient facility at the JFK International airport
  • JFK Airport has had its fair share of accidents and near misses.In what would have been the worst disaster at JFK, an EgyptAir plane nearly collided with a Lufthansa plane in 2012. This near-miss occurred at the runway as the plane was about to take off and was avoided when official noticed that the planes where on a collision course and cancelled take-off.

JFK International Airport Map

A markerjfk airport -
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Jamaica, NY 11430, USA
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JFK International Airport--New York
JFK International Airport--New York | Source
JFK Airport Quick Facts Word Cloud
JFK Airport Quick Facts Word Cloud | Source

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