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Updated on August 27, 2011

48 km east far from Rajshahi, in middle of Nator have a castle of king of Nator is known as Nator Rajbari, was made at 18th century . As like as a castle of other king, it also have its own status . The king of nator Ramjibon was established his castle at nator . Once upon a time, nator is included as a part of Laskorpur of Kanaikhali.

In 1906, king Ramjibon was started his kingdom in nator. At that time he decided to establish a castle. For this reason , Jamider Raghunondon and king Ramjibon select Vaatjarer Beel to establish his castle.But this place is another king Dorpanarayan of Puthiya. So Raghunondon and Ramjibon eants that place instead of small condition. But king Dorpanarayan give that place to the new king Ramjibon. Then he made a big pond, a small pond to smooth the place. In 1906-1910 he build up a nice beautiful castle here. Then he named the area as Nattopur.

Definition of Rajbari: The total area of this Rajbari is 120 acear. There are 8 building, 2 deep pond and 5 undeep pondin this area. There are also 2 parts. one is small part and another is large part. there are also have SREE SHAMSHUNDOR TEMPLE, MAA ANONDOMOYEE KALI TEMPLE, BABA TAROKAESSHOR SHIV TEMPLE .

In 1986 this place is decleared as RANI VABANI CENTRAL PARK . This place is now open for all. So, if you want then you can visit this historical place in BANGLADESH. SO all of you are "MOST WELCOME IN BANGLADESH".


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