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RV Roof Replacement

Updated on December 28, 2012

Different Stages

A seven year old roof
A seven year old roof
First New Roof. Notice the bubbles. This Is Not Good.
First New Roof. Notice the bubbles. This Is Not Good.
Second New Roof. No bubbles. This is good.
Second New Roof. No bubbles. This is good.

Two Times To Get This Right.

The same storm that damaged the slide room also cut the membrane roof on top of the motor home. This roof is seven years old and a good time to upgrade roof with new wood decking and new EDPM rubber membrane. Replacing a membrane roof on a class C motor home is not an easy job. This is not just any motor home, its mine. This was a special job because I live full time in the motor home with my wife. Replacing a roof is a week-long project that has to be done in a shop and kept dry. I live in an RV park and do my repairs outside, but this is late fall so, this means my wife and I have to find a place to live for a week. I picked Tennessee RV Sales and service to replace the roof because of the description of work on their internet web site, only to find out that the dealership never looks at that web site and doesn't know what the customer is expecting. This is what happened.

After the estimate was complete I talked with the service manager of the body shop several times and he understood we had to find a place to live while our coach is getting that new roof and they would have all the parts before I bring the coach in and have it finished in five days.

This was hard to give up our motor home to live a condominium for a week. We will be taking care of a senior friend who lives alone. She was gracious to let us stay, and a pleasure to use our talent to improve her home during our stay. But missing our motor home after five days in the body shop we quickly moved out of the condo and back into the motor coach when the service manager called to say its finished. I was not concerned about the roof job because we need a place to live and it was starting to rain. I made a quick check and the new roof did not look so good on first inspection, so we paid the bill, thanked everyone, and drove home to lot 23.

Back on the lot I was able to get a closer look at the new roof job and there were bubbles on the edges and front and back trim. Large amounts of trash under the new membrane and they didn’t put new decking on because I could see strips of the old decking after the old rubber was pulled off. The roof didn’t look good and not what I expected. I was not a happy camper. After contacting the service manager a couple of times about the bad places in my roof, the dealership would do anything to make me happy. I wanted new decking on top of my motor coach, this means they have to start all over again and pay for the materials.

Confident this dealership could do a good job removing the old fabric and installing new wood decking before applying a rubber roof membrane. We talked about eliminating bubbles on the corners and edges. Also letting the roof dry an extra day before installing trim molding. After the first time everyone was in agreement that I am a picky customizer and I will check the job with a fine toothbrush. I took our motor coach back to the body shop for nine days.

Again we were glad to be back in our motor home when they said it was ready. I made a quick inspection of the roof and it looked good. It rained during the drive home, and rained for the next three days, then turned cold. A more detailed inspection of the roof looked smooth and tight on the edges with no leaks. But I took time to check all the trim moldings for cracks while cleaning leftover glue off the fiberglass. Not much glue but enough to be seen. After all, the second new roof looked solid and the coach is ready for winter.

Tennessee RV was very good in getting my coach back in the body shop before cold weather set in and understood that new decking was important on this roof. Patience paid off because the second new roof is solid and smooth with tight seams and edges. And no wrinkles or bubbles. I would like to brag on the gutter trim to keep the black water marks off the side of the motor coach.


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