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RV Tripping Through Alaska

Updated on March 12, 2011

RV tripping through Alaska isn't just a couple of weeks to kill. You need to plan on staying much longer, mainly because getting there, and then making your way back is half of the fun. You want to enjoy the many stops along your way. If time happens to be an issue for you, there are several options available to you. Alaska is so large with so much to see, that short trips are a bummer. You can take advantage of sea-and-land tours by way of the Inside Passage. This way you can load your RV onto a BC ferry in Seattle, or fly to Alaska, and then rent your RV once there. But along the way there are many really good points of interest to see, between the United States and Canada. Some things that are trips in themselves, is going to see Lake Louise, Glacier National Park, Edmonton Mall, and Calgary.

You want to make sure to take time to see Skagway, and travel on the White Pass/Yukon Route Railway. This was a narrow passage railroad during the Klondike Gold Rush. It has terrain that is breathtakingly beautiful, with sky-high trestles and waterfalls. After that, you can head back into Whitehorse, then onward to Tok. From here you have to decide if you want to head Southwest to Anchorage, or go North to Fairbanks.  If you choose Anchorage, you'll find good RV facilities and  resting places, as well as good spots for grabbing supplies.

For anyone who enjoys fishing, you have to see Seward, Soldotna, and Kenai. For finding King Salmon and Halibut, you'll have to charter yourself a boat. Then you can head back to Anchorage and then go North up to Denali Park. Bus trips through this park are an absolute must. If it's really clear, you get a great view of Mt. McKinley. Just North of there, you can find the world's largest existing coal mine.

A good little side trip would be going to Valdez, the famed Alaskan pipeline, fish hatchery, see the glaciers and the Museum of the Earthquake, and seeing whales from the bow of a party boat. Viewing the glaciers is nothing short of fantastic. 

Now you can be on your way to Fairbanks. Taking the riverboat cruise is the best for learning about Eskimo life and how they survive off the land. They have to catch and then cure at least one Salmon a day per sled dog. Salmon season is short, and cleaning that many Salmon for ten to twelve dogs seems like lots of work. There's also a factory in Fairbanks that makes bowls out of trees.

Now it's back to Tok along the World Highway to Chicken and then Dawson City. This is on the way across the Yukon heading into Whitehorse. Now you have to choose your route home. You can take the Western route into Prince George, or take the Eastern route that leads back to Edmonton, and then into the good old USA. Along the way you can see many state parks that are on the Canadian side, and littered with RV sites.


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