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RV and cottage safety check list

Updated on March 7, 2010

As many of us begin to take on the summer by heading on the road in our RV's or head to the cottage we must remember safety first. Having proper supplies in case of and emergency can be the most important things, so forget the snacks and beer, okay not the beer...LOL...make room for those essential items. Below is a list of what you should not only have in you RV, and cottage but your home too.

  • Smoke Alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Test regularly and replace batteries at least once a season. Or twice a year when you change your clocks. C.O detector can be plugged in or battery operated, remember to read any manuals that came with you Alarm and Co detector if you are not sure how to function them.
  • First Aid kit, this is especially important if you or someone else gets hurt or bit. In your kit you should have a first-aid manual, alcohol wipes, bandages, wound covering, scissors, roll of adhesive tape and disinfectant. If you have someone allergic to bee's or other bugs make sure to keep your medication or medic pen with you, and any special medical instructions can also be kept in the first aid box.
  • A fire extinguisher-type ABC you never know when you may need it, read all instructions so you are not having to read them last minute while you sh** is burning.
  • A fire proof safe to keep any document you may need to carry with you, passport, Visa, ect. For you home keep all important document like insurance policies and birth certificates in the box, if a fire breaks out your information will be safe.
  • Rechargeable flashlight always comes in handy, get a flash light that can charge in you cigarette lighter usually a 12 volt. Change batteries twice a year.
  • Emergency power supply. Generators or inverter, Black and Decker has a neat model that has am/fm radio, flashlight, TV signal and features a 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC current.

I hope you make sure you summer is not only fun but safe too...


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