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Racing Around Barcelona for a Nokia Monster Purity Headset

Updated on March 3, 2013

Starting Point

Entrance to Fira
Entrance to Fira

Twitter Feed screenshots from the race

The Race

So I just got back from Barcelona after attending MWC 2013, I was really lucky and privileged to get there, thanks to some help from Nokia, whilst there I also managed to get invited to attend a couple of meetings and meals with the team from Nokia Connects along with a group of bloggers and prize winners they had invited to the event, for me this was a MASSIVE bonus allowing me to both chat to people about my favourite tech companies plans and products and also to meet and socialise with some great tech people.

One of the things that was organised was a kind of treasure hunt around Barcelona, using Nokia phones and applications to find our way , HERE Maps and Navigation and some of the many 'Lenses' available for the camera on Lumia Phones running the Windows Phone 8 OS. We were split into two teams, Team Steve ( @psychomania666 on Twitter) and Team Ali (@AliQudsi on Twitter) I was in Team Steve, and after two or three days wandering around The Grand Fira 2 in Barcelona most of our team who , like me, were on the larger side, didn't exactly relish a lot more walking on already sore feet !

Team At the Arch

Team photo
Team photo | Source

Arch and Cathedral

Anyway off we set with our first clue to get to the Arc De Triumph in Barcelona via the Metro where we had to post a photograph of the team on twitter and tag it so that @nokia_connects, along with other users could follow us and see our progress and also , so we could get clues back for our next 'Missions'. Anyway on arrival at the Arch we needed a team photo taken on a Lumia with the Smart Shoot lens and had to find a passer by to take it, amazingly the only people we could find to help were Russian, so we had a slight language problem, still, we managed to get the photo taken and get our next clue, which was to visit the Barcelona Cathedral and take a Cinemagraph animated photo in front of the Cathedral. Now this particular section presented both an extremely long tunnel in the underground we had to walk down to get to our station, as well as us getting off the underground a good bit further away from the Cathedral than intended and almost all our party starting to really suffer with our sore feet ( the Italian contingent excepted) anyway we got there took our animated photo and got our third clue to go to the Marketplace on Las Ramblas where we may see a friendly face, but where we needed to take a photo of some food that matched the colours of the Nokia Lumia.

Never Ending Tunnel

The walk to the platform for the tube !
The walk to the platform for the tube !


Cathedral De Barcelona
Cathedral De Barcelona

Marketplace & Friendly Faces

Photo of the Market
Photo of the Market
Crop from original
Crop from original

Lumias with matching food colours

Giuseppe modelling the Lumias
Giuseppe modelling the Lumias

Market and Square

When we arrived at the Marketplace at Las Ramblas we weren't quite sure which colour to match, the phone itself or the custom made 3D printed case, solution was to do both, so we found some very red meat to match the phone and a packet of Orios to match the Blue printed case LOL, which Giuseppe Recca , who was one of the design a 3D printed case for the Lumia 820 competition, had to model for Steve to take a photo. Now we were in a bit of a rush now and actually under the impression we had lost, but we rushed off using the final clue, supplied by an NFC tag built into a pen we were given before we set off, and made our way to a square just off the Ramblas where we had to take a photo next to a fountain. Now at this point two things occurred, first we realised we hadn't met anyone at the market, however when I checked a photo on my phone I found in the crowd outside the market entrance the one and only cheque shirt wearing Clinton Jeff , with Katie Bunting from 1000Heads and secondly there was a mention on Twitter that Team Ali hadn't posted a photo at the end of the challenge next to the fountain ! So it was left for Nokia to decide who had won and after an hour or so it was announced that we were the winners and would all get a set of bright yellow Purity Pros :)

Team at The Fountain

End of Part 1

so thanks for reading, plan to follow this up with a photo unboxing of the Purity Pros ,which will be mainly photographs and less writing :)

Part 2 HERE

Stephen Quin



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