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Radviliskis in Lithuania

Updated on January 2, 2015

Trainstation Radviliskis

Trainstation of Radviliskis
Trainstation of Radviliskis

About Radviliškis in Lithuania

The name of the city of Radviliškis on the Šiauliai-Panevežys road, an important Calvinist centre in the 16th century, is related to that of its founders, the nobles Radziwill (Radvila in Lithuanian). The entire population perished during the plague of 1708-1710, and the town began to develop again only at the end of the 19th century with the construction of a branche of the Liepaja-Romny railway line. Units of Bermondtists were vanquished near Radviliškis on November 22,1919 - during the time of Lithuania's struggle for independence - and a monument with Nike, Goddess of Victory, was erected in Aušros (Dawn) Square to mark the 80th anniversary of this event.

Technological monuments in the Radviliškis environs include one of the first dairies in independent Lithuania, built in Grinkiškis (11 km south of Baisogala) in 1931, and still displaying authentic tools of the trade. A Daugyvene cultural-historical museum-reserve set up in 1990 protects the historical and cultural monuments of the Daugyvene river valley: the Burbiškes estate, Raginenai complex of archeaological monuments, and Kleboniškiai village ethnographic museum and mill.

Modern Radviliskis

Radviliškis has 20,400 inhabitants (2001) and the town has a stop on the present railway line from Vilnius to Klaipeda.

Radviliskis On A Map

A markerRadviliskis -
Radviliškis, Lithuania
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Radviliskis in Lithuania


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