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Rainforests of Costa Rica

Updated on February 13, 2012

Costa Rica is truly one of the only truly natural reserves left in Latin America. It has been protected by the Costa Rican government for it’s extremely biodiversity nature. This is what attracts millions of visitors each year to this unspoiled part of earth. Its untouched acres are home to some of the most rare and exotic wildlife to ever walk the planet. Costa Rica has hundreds of miles of untouched tropical rain forest, pristine beaches, and untouched mountains.

Costa Rica offers some of the most wondrous escapes from the normal routine life that we all hope to get away from on a daily basis. If you are truly looking for someplace off the beaten track then come one of the week’s long ecological tours. Come and see the flora and fauna that is unlike anywhere else on earth up close and personal. Come and see the incredible variety of birds, animals, reptiles and yes, even insects on one of their wondrous tours of the jungle. You will be seeing a portion of the earth that holds more than 25% of the total biodiversity this planet has to offer.

The forest and jungles of Costa Rica is split into three categories.

1. Rain Forest

2. Cloud Forest

3. Tropical dry forest

Rain forest get their name from the annual amount of rainfall they receive. The Cloud forest is an extreme forest that is known for the fog that lands in the center of the trees most of the year around. Then the Tropical dry forest is an entirely different type of forest where they receive much less rain fall.

The rain forests in the country is filled with hundreds of species of plants and animals. The rain Forest is famous for trekking on hikes, finding those hidden fishing spots as well climbing one of hundreds of volcanoes. If, you do not like to hike you can take a relaxing canoe ride down the middle of the Tortuquero National Park. Canoeing is not only relaxing but allows you to go to some of the most inaccessible places of the national forest that others do not get to see.

These forests are so prosperous researchers from around the planet flock here for finding clues and cures for some of the world’s most deadly viruses. Some of the cures that have come out of here have treated smallpox, dysphasia and even some forms of cancer. They have found antibody properties in everything from the moss that grows under the thick canopy of trees to the small animals that call them home.

People come from all over the world to see Costa Rica’s large numbers of birds, animals and reptiles that inhabit this rainforest. These animals are nonexistent in other parts of the world which Is why Costa Rica is so desired by animal lovers and researchers alike. You can spot wildlife on any trek you choose to go on. With, over 850 already categorized and more being found every day you never know what you may run into. There are ant eaters, poisoned arrow frogs, spider monkeys, four eyed possums, jaguars and many more. You will truly feel like you in an entirely different world.

If, you want to explore Costa Rica without the as much rain, the best times to go are December – April which is the dry season. Yes, it will still rain, just not as much, which gives you ample opportunity to explore the jewels of the earth and bring back your own tales of adventure.


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