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Raja Ampat Islands: Bali's Alternative

Updated on May 20, 2017

Perhaps you’re thinking what are Raja Ampat Islands or where’s the location of it. Especially since I’ve claimed that Raja Ampat is Bali’s alternative, perhaps even more beautiful. Bali indeed is beautiful with its scenery and everything but Raja Ampat has nature beauty that could rival Bali –or even surpass Bali. Instead of going to Bali, perhaps you can give these Islands a try. Raja Ampat won’t be as packed as Bali, after all. If you were looking for somewhere deserted and calming, Raja Ampat is the solution.

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You might be skeptical. After all, Raja Ampat is not as popular as Bali and you might have doubts about it. Maybe, you have never heard of the name Raja Ampat before, either. What can these Islands can offer for you? What sort of fun Raja Ampat has?

Basic Facts

Before you know what Raja Ampat can offer for you, you need to know a few basic facts about Raja Ampat. Like the name of the place implies, Raja Ampat Islands are made of a lot islands – 1500 islands to be exact. Another name for a place with lots of islands (chain islands) is an archipelago and Raja Ampat Islands are what you’d call an archipelago. Raja is King and Ampat is four so Raja Ampat has the meaning of Four Kings. The name Four Kings are based on the 4 main islands which are Misool, Batanta, Salawati, and Waigeo. Look at this picture down below so you can visualize the islands better. Stunning, isn’t it?

Raja Ampat Islands
Raja Ampat Islands | Source

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The name Four Kings originated from the local legend. According to the legend, a woman found 7 eggs and 4 of the eggs hatched into princes who turned into the main islands. The other 3 hatched into women. While we can never be sure it happened or not, the legend makes everything more interesting. You can choose to believe or not.

The Princes
The Princes | Source

And onto the next question, what can Four Kings Islands offer for you?


For those who love diving, there is good news for you! Four Kings Islands are one of the best sites in the world for diving. The vast, clear sea and the variety of marina creatures that resided inside the sea make it worthwhile to dive in. It’s a rarity to see the water still looking so clear. It’s not every day you can swim in clear, blue water (besides pools.)

Other than watching the scenery underwater, you can also look at something just as interesting – the ships’ ruins! You can snorkel as well. In Four Kings, you’ll also be able to see unique types of birds you don’t see in your daily life, namely the Cenderawasih Bird. Other unique creatures you can see are the bats and it’s not the dark knight variety either! You can see them if you visit the Kelelawar Cave or Bats Cave. If you want to find other travelling sites besides something involving seas, you can always go trekking to the waterfalls. The sound of waterfall is calming and the air might be good for you. It’ll fresh you up.

Another entertainment you can find is visiting the islands, especially knowing the fact that there are a lot of islands in Four Kings!

Places to Visit in Four Kings Islands

Water SportsSite
Misool Island
Keramat Cave
Cape Kri
Wayag Islands
Saporken Village
Arborek Dive Shop
Salawati Island
Harfat Jaya Mountain
Tropical Raja Ampat

1. Misool Island
It's one of the main islands and is very secluded. By visiting it, you'll be able to see lots of coral reefs and even, you might cross path with whale, if you were lucky.

2. Wayag Islands
You can go to Wayag Islands by renting a boat, though it may cost you about $600. Yes, it's expensive but it might be worth it once you reach there and see the exquisite that are Wayag Islands. Wayag Islands are consisted of small islands which are surrounded by clear, blue water.

3. Salawati Island
Are you curious about World War II that happened decades ago? If so, I recommend you to visit Salawati Island because you can see what's left of the World War II. There are many ships aircraft that sank in the sea around the Salawati Island. Interesting, right?

4. Keramat Cave
Interested in history? You might want to check out Keramat Cave if you do. In the cave, you can visit the ancestral graves and you can see the writing and handprint and remnants of the prehistoric beings. You can snorkel in the cave as well. However, keep in mind that you are forbidden to wear something that show too much skin like bikini.

5. Saporken Village
Located in South Waigeo district, it is one of the best places you should go if you want to the see exotic animals. There are various flora and fauna you can find in Saporken Village such as cenderawasih, a type of bird in Papua. You can stay in the home stay while you visit the village.

6. Harfat Jaya Mountain
In order to hike this particular mountain, you need to have the knowledge of tide. You must climb the mountain when it's high tide. Pay attention to the coral reefs in front of the Karst Hill as well. The view is certainly beautiful up there. You'll be charged around $7.5 each person by the Harfat Home stay because they're the ones who found and look after the mountain.

7. Cape Kri
One of the best diving sites with many kinds of fishes and coral reefs! You'll be fascinated by the view.

8. Tropical Raja Ampat
This is also a place worth noting for to dive.

9. Kayak4Conservation
Now, this place is for kayaking, not diving. Though, the cost for entering the place is quite expensive - around $100. You can explore the mangrove forest and a lot more.

10. Arborek Dive Shop
Arborek Village, a place you can feed the fishes and learn to snorkel and dive along with the fishes. Sounds fun?


The nature is guaranteed to be beautiful, especially with the fact that the nature is still rather… untouched. The nature of Four Kings Islands is especially guarded because they want to maintain the natural beauty of the islands. Hence the reason why travelling to Four Kings Islands is very expensive. With the expensive cost, not everyone can go there. Places with lots of people are keen to be polluted, especially considering the fact that they litter. Please keep in mind to maintain the nature’s beauty by not littering around. You don’t want Four Kings Islands, one of the best diving sites in the world, to be polluted, right?

The Cost of Travelling to Four Kings Island

Speaking of the cost of travelling there, it can cost you about up to $1000/person for staying in the resort. If you want something less expensive, you can sleep in the ship for $400. More adventurous, isn’t it? Yes, despite being located in Indonesia, you must use US currency. The reason why is because people who traveled there mostly came from Europe and USA. As for the diving tools, it can cost you up to $30. The diving itself cost you around $50.

There is always an alternative if you really wanted to save up. You can stay in a home stay for about $50. So yes, it depends on you. Travelling needs money, of course, but it won't be as expensive if you use it carefully. After all, it might be worth it for all the things Four Kings Islands can offer for you. By the way, the prices are estimation.



Four Kings Islands are located in West Papua, Indonesia. It’s the same country that has Bali Island, by the way. I heard many people didn’t even know that Bali is not a country so I thought I might point it out.

The Location

raja ampat islands:
Raja Ampat Regency, Indonesia

get directions

If you were interested to go, it’s best to go in a group, consisting 8 people ideally. f you went alone and you want to rent a speedboat to check out the islands, it cost you $100 which has the capacity of 12 people. It seems like a waste to go alone with the speedboat that can consist of 12 people, right? Also, by going in a group, you can split the bills so it won’t be as expensive. Going in a group sounds more fun as well. The choice is entirely up to you though.


Certainly, Four Kings Islands are a great travelling site with magnificent beauty. Wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of a city? Take days off and just travel. Life’s short so just enjoy things life can offer. It might be a great choice to visit the islands and see the beauty of Four Kings’ nature with your very own eyes!

So, are you interested to travel to Four Kings Islands?

So, are you interested to travel to Four Kings Islands?

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