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Ramadan in Dubai

Updated on June 5, 2016

What's happening around

All through out Ramadan the changes in working hours, parties until late, food tents serving lavish gala iftar, night souqs are open all night. It's all crazy out here, come down for all the pleasure. The only disadvantage at time would be eating out during lunch which will not be allowed, so no eating out during the fasting hours but you have places to shop and visit all open throw out the day.

Ramadan is a season perfect for someone traveling as a couple or alone for that matter. Enjoy in the city the high end cars, brand chains, events and so on

City brings together the possibilities of commuting by buses, trams, taxis and metros or why not rent a car for your self if you hold an international drivers license. The all well set travel industry will welcome you from the airport to the routes and hotels of Dubai. You can easily move around in the neighboring cities of UAE like Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain etc.

Trust me!! you are going to have all the amazing beach adventure here, go all wild and have the time of your life. You may have heard about other countries going all closed during Ramadan this is just the opposite. The city is awake all night......


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