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Rambling observations from the pub.

Updated on June 24, 2010


A beautiful pint of beer.
A beautiful pint of beer.

I’ve just walked a long way for no particular reason (other than it's a fabulous day!). My parambulations took me a few miles through gorgeous sunny countryside and now, as the light begins to fade, I’m sat outside of a pub, a pint of Czech lager in hand, contemplating the 2 mile walk still ahead of me before I get home. It's starting to get cold, but I prefer it outside to actually in the pub, which is not to say it's a bad pub. Quite the contrary, it's very pleasant.  Quintessentially English you might say, with low original beams and curious farming implements adorning the walls. Nonetheless I’d rather be at my little garden table outside than in the shadows of inside. Like most English people, as soon as there is even a little bit of sun, we worship it until the last ray of light has dissipated.

I'm alone at my table, surrounded by couples and groups. I guess that's a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but hey, in 100 years time, who will really care? I'm getting a couple of strange looks. I think people are wondering whether anyone is joining me, or what I'm doing here. Maybe I’m being slightly paranoid, most people probably couldn't give a monkeys about me or what I'm up to, but when you're alone I guess you can't shake the feeling people are watching you.  Then and again, perhaps that's just me and my personal demons. Anyway, I guess I should be more concerned with the rest of the walk home. It's bound to be dark when I set off and to compound the issue, the old ankle problem is flaring up, but I've never been much of a one to care or overly concern myself about such things. I've never failed to get home yet and touch pub table wood, tonight won't be an exception.

So, here I am, typing away on the technological marvel that is my Nokia N900 and enjoying a traditional English evening at the pub. Sometimes it's the incredibly simple things in life which make us happy! To most people around me, it must look like I’m writing the world’s longest text message, but actually I’m using a little note taking package and when I’m finished I shall attempt to use the marvels of 3G and the gorgeous fully functional browser to upload this straight to Hubpages. I might also try to take a picture to go along with it, hell, why not? Let’s go to town on this baby.

If you're reading this, I apologise for the lack of structure or meaningful content. In truth, this is partly an exercise in creating a hub on the move (mobile hubbing, how cool is that?) and partly a comfort blanket for me to have something to do while I drink my otherwise exceptionally good pint. I guess that says way more about my own insecurities than the clever ways we can use technology these days, but now is not the time for such meaningless self introspection. Instead, I could comment on the fascinating people that currently surround me, enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company as much as I’m enjoying being alone, or I could equally wax lyrical on the beauty of this idyllic location, but actually, now it comes to it, I just can't be bothered. Instead I shall lazily finish my drink and then gradually move onwards towards home. Maybe just one more for the road though…

I promise I shall put a much more interesting hub up soon. Full of witticisms and the obligatory guinea-pig hating. Until then, I hope you're enjoying your evening as much as I am and let me raise my glass (real for a change, rather than virtual) to you all. Cheers! (Clink).

Edit: It's taken me a couple of hours to actually publish this piece, but I'm doing it now before I leave the pub. Cross fingers this works!!


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