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Random Baggage Checks: Be smart and don't take illegal objects with you

Updated on April 8, 2013

Are you one of the many people around there that do enjoy using drugs? It is advised not to do as it is really bad for your health and very illegal. But still there are lots of people that use drugs. Not all users of drugs are addicted to it. Besides the addicted people there is an even larger group of people that just like to take them occasionally, like when having a party, going out or just want to chill at home. These users usually can stop at any time as they are not really addicted. If you are one of those individuals, there will be a point in time when you are going to travel. If so, watch out and read this article carefully.

Nowadays, airport security is way different from what it was years ago. September 11th may have had an influence to this, but awareness of employees of airports and improved technology are the main reasons why it is not that easy to bring drugs and others prohibited items with you anymore. More and more baggage is being screened. Not only is baggage being checked for drugs but also for dangerous weapons and other illegal items. This means that the next time are going to fly and want to bring any of these with you, you are advised not to do !!. No matter how smart you are, there is a very good chance that you will get caught. And depending on the country you are caught in, penealties can differ from 2 up to 40 years in prison. Now ask yourself ... is it worth that at all?

The worse thing you can do is to carry drugs with you. New airpost rules require that all passengers need to take off their shoes. Do you carry a laptop computer in a laptop bag? The custom employees will ask you to take the laptop out of the bag and put them in the basket with objects to be scanned. So are your carryon bags. This means that you will definitely be caught if you intent to hide something illegal in your shoes, bags or whatever small luggage you have with you. In addition to being scanned though an x-ray machine, your baggage may also be manually examined by an employee of the airport security.

Some of you might think: 'Oh well, I will just hide it well in my checked suitcase'. The answer is: DON'T !! Also checked bagage is being well checked nowdays. This can be done by x-ray, using special trained dogs or just manually if your baggage it choosen at random or looks suspicious. The more locks or others ways you use to secure your baggage the more suspicious it might get. If your baggage is locked the customs may ask you to open it for inspection. All your baggage will be thoroughly searched for anything out of the ordinary. You won't want this because often they make a mess of it !!

This brings us to the way they will inspect your bagage. A traditional search is no big deal; they will just shift your items to see if you put anything prohibited between clothes or like that. In case of an intensive search, airport security will actually inspect anything: your entire bag(s), your clothes and its pockets, makeup bags, camera bags etc.

You'll understand from this there is almost no way they will not found whatever you hide in your bagage !!

It is true there are many people that are not always aware they are carrying illegal or banned items in their baggage. In case of drugs it is quitte obvious of course. But, for example the tourist that buys a nice looking cigarette lighter as a souvenir is often not aware of it. Still, if the customs find this banned item it will be confiscated and you will receive just a warning. In case of drugs or weapons you might very well end up in jail!! And, you won't want that .. especially not in some countries.

It is not just drugs or alcohol that can bring you in trouble. There are lots of other objects you are not allowed to take with you in an airplane. For example you are not allowed to bring cigarette lighters with you unless there is no gas in it.

When you travel to Australia you have to be extra cautious. You are not allowed to take lots of things with you to Australia, like food, fruits, vegetables, spices and a lot more. So, when planning a trip to Australia be sure to read all custom regulations carefully.


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