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Creepiest Places In The World 2014

Updated on May 20, 2014

The Stanley Hotel

I am sure many well recognise the infamous Stanley Hotel from the shining. Nowadays It is quite a popular hotel for winter events & snow sports but for the the Horror fanatics it boasts a range of Ghost tours and paranormal events which are sure to chill you to the bone. It may not be actually haunted but Mr Kubrick certainly transformed it into one of the creepiest places in the world

Pripyat The Ghost City

Pripyat was a town built for the workers of the Chernobyl power plant, however following a disastrous Nuclear accident the town has now been left completely isolated. With entry strictly controlled. Pripyat is one of the few places on the world where one is left feeling truly alone. it is a frightening place with with eerie vibes and scenery that make it an incredibly creepy place to be.

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire club on Montpelier Hill in Dublin, Ireland, is without a doubt one of the creepiest places in the country. built as a hunting lodge in the early 70's it quickly turned into a place of devil worship and evil for some sadistic Dublin elite. Story's range from murder to animal sacrifice. If you are looking for Ireland's most haunted the Hellfire club is a must visit.

Doll Island Mexico

This next place is, in personal opinion the absolute creepiest place in the world. Close to Mexico city there is a bizarre and frightening Island. Dedicated to the drowning of a young girl in the canal, the island is littered with dolls. Hanging from the trees and hidden in the undergrowth it is a truly one of the scariest places in the world.

Hellingly Hospital

As if the name wasn't enough to tip you off, Hellingly Hospital in south west England was an isolated insane asylum in which patients and staff lived together in the early 1900's.Due to its extreme isolation, terrible patient cruelty & abuse were rampant in this asylum. It has long since closed but it is a truly terrifying place to visit.


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