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Renaissance Aruba Resort

Updated on April 8, 2015

Over a million tourists take a flight to the Southern Caribbean Sea each year to experience the beautiful desert island of Aruba and its turquoise waters and numerous sandy beaches. Most of these people come from America or Canada, and the vast majority of visitors will stay in one of the hotels, resorts, or condos near the Palm Beach area. There is another option for visitors to Aruba, however.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort

There is only one major hotel in the capital city of Oranjestad. This hotel is the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. The Renaissance is a member of the Marriott family of hotels, and visitors will appreciate some of the higher-end amenities.

The hotel is split between two properties. The first is the Marina Hotel that overlooks the Oranjestad marina and the many cruise ships that stop off in Aruba. The Marina Hotel is an adults-only lodging experience.

The Ocean Suites portion of the Renaissance Aruba Resort is located across the street, just to the south of the Marina Hotel. This hotel has family-friendly suites with balconies that overlook the marina or the ocean. The two hotels are not the only impressive part of a stay at the Renaissance, however.

Guest Room at the Renaissance Aruba Marina Hotel
Guest Room at the Renaissance Aruba Marina Hotel | Source

Rooms in the Marina Hotel

The rooms in the Marina Hotel are fairly small by American standards. They are quite clean and generally up to Marriott standards. The bathrooms have attractive sink areas, but the bathtubs show some age. The tubs tend to slope toward the center, and this layout makes standing a bit difficult. I recently stayed in one of these rooms after checking in through the open-air lobby that has a Caribbean feel. The rooms, as mentioned above are clean, but the bathrooms show a bit of age.

Flamingo Beach on the Renaissance Island
Flamingo Beach on the Renaissance Island | Source

Renaissance Island

The best amenity that the Renaissance Aruba Resort offers to its guests is the opportunity to visit the Renaissance Island, a small barrier island that includes the only private beach area in Aruba. Like the hotels, the island is divided into family and adults-only areas.

The beaches look out over the open sea and have numerous huts and palm trees to provide shade from the intense sun. There is a restaurant and a private spa area on the island that guests might want to experience. Those who go to the island will want to check out the wildlife, as there are numerous fish swimming in shallow pools, as well as a few pink flamingos and iguanas that visitors can enjoy.

The Renaissance Island runs parallel to the Queen Beatrix International Airport. The path that the water taxis take to transport hotel guests to the island lies right under the flight path for planes that are landing at the airport. When one of these boats is in view of a landing plane, the boat drivers will frequently stop to allow guests to take pictures as the planes fly just a few feet above. Those on the island can sit out on the east side that faces the airport and watch planes land and take off. The only real noise on the island is planes getting ready to depart.

Wildlife on Flamingo Beach
Wildlife on Flamingo Beach | Source

Other Amenities

Both of the hotels that are a part of the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino have a Casino on the grounds. Each hotel also has a restaurant. There is a Renaissance Marketplace just outside the door of the Ocean Suites, and there is the Renaissance Mall on the bottom floor of the Marina Hotel. The Renaissance Mall has mostly small (and expensive) high-end boutique stores.

The Okeanos Spa is a great way for guests to relax during their stay. Each hotel has a pool. The pool at the Marina is an infinity design that seems to run off into the sea. The Ocean Suites has a small lagoon that guests can use to bake in the sun or swim.

A markerRenaissance Island -
Renaissance Island, Aruba
get directions

Benefits of the Renaissance Aruba Resort

In addition to the hotel amenities, the Renaissance Aruba Resort is also stationed in a great part of downtown Oranjestad. Within a couple of blocks from the hotel are a number of shops for visitors to buy souvenirs. Also, a Kong Hing Supermarket is within an easy walk for those who want to eat cheaply for breakfast or lunch.

Many restaurants are also within a handful of blocks of the hotel. Some are high-end and expensive; others are more moderately priced. Several allow those dining at the right time to view the beautiful Aruban sunsets (the Paddock comes to mind) and the massive cruise ships leaving after their shore excursions. Those who want to check out the more touristy area around Palm Beach can walk down to the Arubus station to take a ride for a mere $2.30 (one-way). The Renaissance is a great place for couples and families in a less-touristy area with many shops and restaurants. The Renaissance Island is the best amenity for visitors to the island paradise of Aruba.


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