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Rent Hotel Room or Rent a Cabin?

Updated on June 7, 2013

Family Vacation Destination

A secluded mountain cabin is the perfect destination for a family vacation for some people.
A secluded mountain cabin is the perfect destination for a family vacation for some people. | Source

Do you prefer a cabin or hotel room

Whether you are going to the mountains or the beach or somewhere in between for vacation than you might need to rent a cabin for the duration of the stay or go to a hotel. Picking which one can a tricky proposition, so consider the following. A Cabin or private house is a great solution for a week or longer family vacation while a hotel room may be best on a simple weekend getaway with the spouse Both hotels and private home rentals are available in most tourist locations around the world and depending on the experience you are seeking and the requirements you and your family need one or the other might be a better solution. A hotel generally has more amenities and special services available, but can not come anywhere close to the privacy and security that a private home rental provides when seeking a quiet and relaxing vacation. Make sure and vote in the poll below about which you prefer while on a vacation. Do you prefer a hotel room with all of the hotel extras like swimming pools, sauna, hot tub, work out gym, restaurant, etc. or would you rather be in a cozy and comfortable setting that a private cabin provides. There will always be affordable hotels and cabins and those that are more expensive with additional services so it really will boil down to what you prefer for your next vacation as long as there is more than a couple of people the price may not matter at all and it really boils down to the vacation experience you want.

When I travel to the Oregon Coast, I always prefer to stay in private cabin as the accommodations are always better than what is available for nearly comparable prices at hotel. But this is not always true everywhere you may be vacationing to.

Hotel & Resort


Cabins and Hotels for Vacation

Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less; 62 Plans for Camps, Cottages, Lake Houses, and Other Getaways
Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less; 62 Plans for Camps, Cottages, Lake Houses, and Other Getaways

Getting your perfect hideaway cabin set up. Learn everything that you need to know how to build your cabin getaway in a beautiful nature destination.


Hotel - Get a Room(s)

A hotel can provide a level of service and luxury that may not be found at but the most expensive private cabins / houses for rent and so if you are looking for a one spot stop for all of your vacationing then a hotel or resort may be the right location. When travelling with just your spouse then choosing a luxury resort can be the best choice. Having everything that you need on the premises can eliminate the need for renting a car and with restaurants and cafe's on site, there is no need to get groceries for the basics that you may need to keep the kids satisfied.


  • Customer Service and support from checking in and getting bags to the room to getting to local destinations for excursions and dining on the premises
  • Luxury settings, many hotels will have art sculptures and paintings and very well manicured grounds areas
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, gyms and all of the things that are accustomed to staying at a high end hotel or resort. Other offerings may be a casino or other entertainment features.
  • Room Service
  • Deals with local tourist companies whether it is a simple tour or an activity like skiing or going fishing, hotels often have special rates with great local providers.
  • Close to bars and restaurants for the area.
  • Structured activities for kids - group babysitting for younger children sometimes is available at resorts. Leave the little ones with the attendants and hit the slopes or the beach for a few hours of freedom.


  • Expensive if travelling with a family or a group of people
  • Lots of other people will be around you
  • Have to be cautious of partying too loud late in the evening
  • Small kitchen area
  • Small areas to hang out and sit and talk
  • Depending on the location noise can be factor especially if you prefer to sleep in late while on vacation, someone will always be up early and if the walls a re thin so will you.
  • Small private patio or deck areas versus a backyard or full size deck that may be at a cabin.
  • Shared BBQ areas and outdoor eating areas if you are preparing your own meals. Some may not have these types of services because they do not want guests cooking full meals on the premises.

Typical Beach Cabin


Cabins - Private Lodging Solution

If you are looking for a quiet secluded spot to enjoy your next vacation consider a cabin or a private home that is available for rent because you will be able to avoid the hustle and bustle that is at a hotel. A private residence will come with many amenities that can make them more conducive to family vacations over getting a few hotel rooms so everyone has a place to sleep. A cabin will usually sleep 6 - 8 people and sometimes more, and be equipped with a kitchen and larger dinning areas. The following is a list of Pro's and Con's that a private residence provides people on vacation.


  • Quiet & Private including private parking
  • Full size kitchen - BBQ and outside eating areas
  • Entertainment Centers (some cabins will come with gaming systems, board games, other activities for kids to play)
  • Close access to destinations.
  • Can sleep large number of people
  • Can host a party
  • Outdoor patio / backyard, deck. Most will have a nice outside eating set up for enjoying a nice weather day outside.
  • Pet Friendly (more so than hotels)
  • Washer and Dryer (can be critical when enjoying outside activities all week long with kids getting dirty)


  • Restaurants farther away
  • Lacks the customer service support a hotel provides
  • usually will not have all the amenities such as gym, sauna, hot tub, swimming pool etc. may only have one or none.
  • Does not have daily cleaning services
  • May be someone else's vacation home and some of their personal items / pictures may be in the house.

Which do you prefer?

If you had to choose where to stay for a week on your next vacation what would it be

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